Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rockaway Update - Things to Be Thankful For, Sunday Nov. 11

Is Walcott still Chancelor or has Cathie Black been bought back by Bloomberg? I've been a little out of touch.

Thanks to----

The horde of firemen and the crew that came down with a big crew from New Haven and set up a barbecue on 139th and Cronston with all sorts of goodies including the largest and meatiest burgers I've ever seen.
The mob of volunteers from all over the nation. There looked to be hundreds mobilizing in front of PS 114 on my corner. There are 7th Day adventists, Americore, and I hear Mormons from California are roaming the neighorhood.
And kudos to the AFT relief efforts in Coney Island where Kombiz Levasny tweeted he was going all day.
I feel increasingly guilty that I don't seem to have it in me to make some time to volunteer myself.

Being able to get gasoline without waiting on line on Sat nite at 11PM on an even day even tho I'm odd (no jokes).

Our wonderful friends Mark and Peggy who invited us to dinner in Oceanside last night. (They also gave us the use of an apartment in Brooklyn to use). To drive out there or not became a big decision given we are down to less than a half tank of gas (we were full thanks to cousin Danny's delivery from Jersey of 10 gal last Sunday.) But we can't just sit in the dark starting at 5pm so we decide to go (we can't leave till after 6 - see below) and there on Atlantic Av and Long Beach Road is a Gulf with few people at pumps. But we decide to wait until after the delicious dinner and company (and showers and laundry and charging) to take a shot despite being odd. And YES, we are full with food and gas and can try to escape the dark again tonight.
Driving at night in Rockaway is positively surreal.

Great friends like Ira and Sheila who have offered house, car, food, showers, laundry and charging in Brooklyn. They enticed us away from the cleanup Friday afternoon to go see Lincoln (Spoiler alert: he dies at the end) followed by a feast at a Chinese rest across from Eva Moskowitz HS in Irving Place.

The flood insur adjuster who showed up around 5pm Saturday just as we were closing down the day's cleanup. He and his dad spent an hour working in the dark - not optimal but getting past this has been crucial as we now can throw out more stuff - like our 2 month old washer and drier.

And the other adjuster from our regular insur just called to say he will be out on Nov 19 - they only cover non-flood damage - damn those locusts.

Matt, the wonderful contracter who did our bathroom in Sept (upstairs and undamaged) and our laundry room (which has a 4-5 ft water line and has to be gutted again- all inner walls contaminared by sea water have to be removed - something about fungus.) A call to Matt, who is from Argentina, is always reassuring. Ignore that 6 grand est from the demolition crew from Missouri (yes they are pouring in from all over) he tells us. He will send in a crew next Saturday. I guess I have to miss the MORE meeting but anyone not being demolished that day should go.

The nyc sanitation crews who work all day and night in what seems to be an organized military op. Also to the numbers of police and fire crews and national guard and goodness knows how many others. There are so many vehicles, leaving Rockaway bet 5 and 7 is insane as backups stretch for miles. Same with coming in in the morning.

And most important, my wife Carol who has been a partner in every way in sharing all the important stuff we have to do. We made a decision to try to get even the tiniest thing done every day.

Today's jobs: draining each of the 3 zones in my heating system and cleaning out the garage (which is part of my house and had 5 ft of water --- the ins adj told has to have the walls removed. Oy!

And if there's time, looking for a car -- we have the loaner from our friend who left town due to her building being damaged and won't be back till after thanksgiving.

No thanks to

Maybe thanks to FEMA - we finally registered last night -

Here's hoping I can give thanks soon to a plumber who will install a new hot water heater and boiler and an electrician who will replace the flooded elec panels and certify us when LIPA turns on the power sometime in 2015 - actually just heard it might be coming this week but useless to me without the boxes. Major decision - wait for the electrician I really want or get it done quicker with an unknown?
Sooner, later, sooner, later....

Why do I feel like Hamlet trying to decide?

Well, this is a warm week, so as long as we can get gas and get out of here in the evenings we'll be ok.
Does TV and the internet still exist?

When's the next PEP? Give Cathie Black my regards.

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  1. You forgot Occupy Sandy Relief. :)

  2. You forgot how completely or almost completely isolated Rockaway residents are without their subway. That buses are not running past 4:30 because the bus companies are worried about their drivers driving around without traffic lights. That there will be a ferry to Manhattan (we heard) from 108th street, but how does that help the east end?
    How come there are no shuttle buses to Rockaway Blvd and why would MTA say that the A train is running normally?
    But thanks to a lot of people, we in Bayswater have a relief center with food, clothes, electricity, heat, companionship and even entertainment.
    Much appreciated.

  3. Norm...come over for dinner! Any night but Wednesday. Email me or FB me, and let's make a plan! I make a mean desert!
    Jamie Fidler

  4. Major decision wait for the electrician I really want or get it done quicker with an unknown.


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