Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ohanian update

Finally getting some cell service back but keeping phone charged is big factor. In the absense of power posting a new update from Susan Ohanian is is good as gold. Our big achievement today? Getting massive cleanup of basement done by pros. You can eat off the floor. I did warn one of the guys using the toilet in the den to watch out for sharks.

Susan speaks:
I have another denunciation of Smarter Balanced. My plan was to make the one at Daily Censored national and the one in Vermont Digger 'local.' Even though you don't live in Vermont, I think you'll find plenty of meat:

VT Digger

I plan to send this to officials at the Department of Education and to every member of the legislative education committee. Then I'll revise it and try VT print media, who seem singularly disinterested in education policy. VT Digger is much more politically attuned.

I'm not posting these two pieces on my site yet because I hope people will read them where they appeared first--to let those folks know this is an important issue. Both sites encourage comment.
Eventually, I'll post them on my site--because I like to keep track of things. But meanwhile, please go to VT Digger and Daily Censored.

Daily Censored:
Snookered by Bill Gates and the U. S. Department of Education

I would remind you there are 343 pieces about what's wrong with the Common Core on my site:

The point to keep in mind is that the Common Core exists so we can have a national test. And Smarter Balanced is so rotten, everyone should be concerned.

Take a look at the cartoon. It is something each of us could do:

My husband is making progress but yesterday he was told 'six more weeks of quietude.' I don't have a word for what that means for the wife.


To the editor
Multiple authors
Wall Street Journal

Letters responding to the division between the 'practicality' of science and the humanities

To the editor
Stephen Krashen
Cincinnatti Enquirer

This is a good answer to a corporate-oriented article implying that if third graders only read better, job crisis would be solved.

New PA Study Shows Full-time School Librarian Boosts Student Achievement
Press Release
Education Law Center

There are lots more reasons schools should have qualified librarians on staff but certainly it is significant that the presence of qualified librarians improves the test scores of <i>all</i> students.
Order the CD of the resistance:
"No Child Left Behind? Bring Back the Joy."

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