Tuesday, June 24, 2014

For Their Eyes Only - UFT Leadership Loves New Tone at Tweed -

UFT President Michael Mulgrew took a student awards ceremony Monday as a chance to praise the union’s partnership with the Department of Education. READ MORE -- Chalkbeat
Oh, the Unity/UFT leadership is qvelling like a pig in shit over the new tone at Tweed. You see, pre-Bloomberg, the UFT was part and parcel of running the DOE - partners in crime even if the teachers and kids and parents were getting screwed. All that changed with Joel Klein who shut them out completely. Their whining was all about them not having a say or access -- it wasn't about the rank and file at all.

So now they have access - and it's still not about the rank and file, especially those suffering under hundreds of bully principals, many out of the leadership academy. Farina won't address the issue and neither will the Unity/UFT leadership.  We'll get into specific cases in future posts.

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