Friday, June 13, 2014

Vergara Tenure Commentary: High Crime Areas Due to Ineffective Police?

Police and firemen could be next. Let's say the same parents in the Vergara case claimed that crime was higher in their neighborhoods BECAUSE the police in their communities were all off probation. We could avoid blaming centuries of racism, discrimination, poverty exploitation of immigrants etc... blame crime on the police.
And their unions / civil service job protections.... Their goal is to make all civil servants at will employees. We need to wake up..... A NYC Principal
Residents of high crime areas often claim that they get the most inexperienced police who are low in seniority. I don't know how true that is but I bet there are seniority perks. Seniority placement is also used in the fire department, I believe. The reality is that the hedge hogs would never touch the police and fire people. Teachers are the easy target -

Our principal pal shows how tenure is not a job for life:
I myself have fired teachers for cause and won each and every time.  Two of these folks were veterans( over 30 years) who had done some great work but one was found to have verbally abused children on a regular basis and the other could no longer handle a large class when her smaller pull out program was eliminated due to a budget cut.
There's commentary all over the place -- many popped up on my blog roll. Raging Horse did part 2: Vergara Part Two : How the 1% Have Learned to Use the Noblest Causes for the Most Venal Ends

NYC Educator blog calls for all of us to get reparations for our own bad teachers: Will the Vergara Case Make Us Rich? By Special Guest Blogger Rolf M. Reformeo. I could get a few bucks myself. Most of my teachers are very good -- though when my East NY neighborhood changed drastically in a very short time they must have turned bad when kids began to do poorly.)

Our pal Brian Jones, running for Lt. Gov on the Green Party line has an op ed on the case at the NY Times blog.
If you have a moment, please read and share my commentary in the New York Times "Room for Debate" blog about the teacher tenure ruling in California:
Brian Jones is also part of the NY Times debate which includes Diane Ravitch and 2 deformers -  Debating the Vergara Decision in the New York Times.

And by the way --- tenure protections were put in place for the purpose of civil rights issues -- check the current ATR pool and count how many teachers of color are in that pool.
Do you think there are no homophobe principals around?

Diane also talks about that issue:
In response to the debate in the New York Times “Room for Debate” about the Vergara decision, teacher H.A. Hurley commented on the historical perspective I offered, showing that tenure was part of women teachers’ struggle against the pervasive gender discrimination of superintendents and school boards. 
Teacher: Tell the Stories About Tenure and Gender Discrimination.

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