Tuesday, June 3, 2014

UFT Contract: Will OT/PT Chapter Turn it Down?

UFT  leaders seem worried this will happen. What are the implications if the UFT has to go back to the bargaining table?

I scheduled this to go up around 10AM when I will be on the subway.

I mentioned this in this morning's first post (UFT Contract: A Day At the Count - What I Learned - Updated) but didn't  want to see this get lost in that sea of words: That it is likely that the Occupational/Physical Therapists would vote NO. (They are paid at a much lower salary step and they are PISSED). The nurses are voting with them in that unit and will probably vote YES but they are a minority.

Repeating what I wrote earlier:
I learned that there are a number of color coded ballots - I think they said 16 or 17, each voted on by its own group - like Secretaries, paras, etch. What if one of them turned the contract down? The UFT would have to go back to the bargaining table and the leadership seems to have some concern they will turn this down.

There are 17 different ballots and the only one they are concerned about is the OT/PT/Nurses. OT/PT have around 1200 and nurses (who are expected to vote YES) around 500 -  so they seem worried that the vote won't go their way and they will have to go back to the table on that one.
Which makes for an interesting angle for future ref -- in 2035 when the next contract is negotiated -- what position to take if one goes down? Here is a perfect example - possibly - of them going back to the table - will they be put at the back of all the other unions to make an example of them?

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