Friday, June 13, 2014

Teachers Unite: Countdown to Summer

Our pals at TU are not resting this summer.

Teachers Unite!
Countdown to Summer
June 2014

 You're invited!
Celebrate Summer at Teachers Unite's 
Ice Cream Social!
Friday, June 27th, 4-6pm
New York, NY
Ice cream & carnival games provided by 
Milk, Not Jails is seeking to revitalize and invest in NY's agricultural economy as a model alternative to the prison economy
All are welcome!

Schools Are Us!
Our newest resource for organizing in schools

Have you seen it yet?

Schools and organizations across the city are using Schools Are Us to better understand NYC schools and map out organizing strategies.

 "Finally we have a simple visual  to explain the complexity of the  NYC school governance  system! This incredible  tool breaks down the system into  manageable pieces so that more  parents are empowered to get  involved."
 -Shino Tanikawa, CEC 2 President

We've also developed complementary tools and resources. Check out our website to learn more! 

Teachers Unite in the news!

Teachers Unite ally member pens an Op-Ed in the Gotham Gazette:

& Teachers Unite's Growing Fairness is
featured in The Guardian:

Feed our schools. Starve prisons of our students.
Join the movement of educators, parents and students working to abolish mass incarceration and transform schools into caring communities that empower students.
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