Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's Up Today, June 18, 2014: Jose Vilson, NYCEducator on Class Size, RBE on Abusive Principals

A quick reminder about tonight's: MORE, Change the Stakes Sponsor Jose Vilson Book Conversation in Inwood

Still in Cape Cod at FIRST robotics conference so I can't make it. (I have so much to write about being with hundreds of people from all over the world and most states. And if your school is interested, I do school visits - am doing one this Monday.)

Two more quick items. Arthur Goldstein has written one of the most effective pieces I've read detailing the impact on teaching and on students - a tale of 2 class sizes. On Class Size--Night and Day.

I wrote about the abusive, bully Bryant HS principal yesterday: Message to UFT Leaders: Where's the Change of Tone as Hundreds Call for Ouster of Bryant HS Principal Namita Dwarka?

I always point to how totally ineffective the UFT has been in dealing with these people - they will support a rally but won't walk into Farina's office and say flat out -- if you want our cooperation on ANYTHING - CUT THIS SHIT OUT!.
Indeed, I made this point at the UFT Exec Bd meeting before the contract was voted on -- how there is nothing in the contract to protect our people from abusive principals.

Today, Perdido St. School has a great piece on the same subject and nails some points that slipped by me.

How Many Abusive And/Or Insane Principals Are Out There?

Just listing them is not enough. Campaigns must be organized in each case. A lot of work, given the UFT does nothing.

MORE has been working Portelos and Don't Tread on Educators with some schools that have such principals, but it has had to be somewhat hush/hush. We have set up a blog for one such school - I have a link for it at the top of my sidebar - PS 63M on the lower east side. Boy, do we have stories to tell. The UFT has been less than useless.

Also check out the place to list your school if you have a bully principal:

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Lydia H. said...

Thanks Norm! Could you please include this link to the "abusive principal" entry form in your blog post:

Private email me if you think some teachers from PS 63M (past and present) might be willing to fill out a form on DTOE at the link above.