Saturday, June 21, 2014

Your "choice" really is my business - Lorna F.

Why free-market economics lead to nothing but harm in our public education system....Two recent articles that prove why free-market economics lead to nothing but harm in our public education system.
Thanks to Lorna, a Brooklyn public school parent for sending this. I've gotten into discussions with charter school parents who rigorously defend their right to "choice." I ask them what about the choice of parents who do not want a co-located charter in their schools?  Then I bring up the end game of the charter school movement -- the abolition of public education - when they will have no choice other than charters. So they say there will be competition and I say the end game will be like the phone company - charters will be forced to combine into conglomerates like Success and KIPP --- as things mature and there are no public schools to attack and scam kids from, they will start to scam from each other and the losers will be closed or absorbed.

The many negative effects of co-location in NYC schools.

Moody's downgrades yet another public school district because of ballooning charter costs.

Moody's places the Philadelphia School District's (PA) Ba2 rating on review for downgrade

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