Monday, July 6, 2015

Where's Julie?

People ask me what has happened to Julie Cavanagh who figured so prominently in just about everything but has not been around and about much.

On Sunday Carol and I attended the 3rd birthday party of Jack Cavanagh in Prospect Park (how great to see Lisa Donlan and JC). Julie has made a choice about the important things in life. But that hasn't stopped her from wearing her Wonder Woman outfit. To me she will always be Wonder Woman.

Julie, Jack and Glenn


  1. So, does that mean that Julie has no desire to run for any office in the UFT? She was so gung ho a couple of years ago and is now off the radar? Man, how the times change. Happy for her and her family but I am sad that someone like her can be so hardcore and then just fall off the map. I got my whole staff to vote for her in the last election. Made my own flyers for her and everything. Oh well, times change.

    1. Julie didn't have that much desire to run for UFT office last time - she was a new mom, etc - she was asked to run because she was so much the face of a movement for change not just in the UFT but also for real reform. And in fact given the stacked election running for UFT office is best left to the pets. Julie's focus has been on her family - at home and at school and at her school community. She is a teacher and a school-based organizer and a chapter leader. She wears enough hats. UFT politics is like a dead zone. The real work must be local. While I assume MOREs won't listen to me and stay out of the election, they will probably run but I will continue to argue to stay focused on building school-based long-term support. If there were hundreds of people like Julie doing the work in the school, Unity would be on the run.


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