Wednesday, September 2, 2015

MORE's Katie Lapham Takes Her Opt Out Cart to Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Beautiful.  Absolutely inspired!  The medium is the message... Fred Smith, Change the Stakes
I love the individual and small group actions people in MORE are taking to build local communities of resistance. Former MORE steering committee member Katie Lapham is on the case. She and her daughter Nora attended the MORE summer series Chapter Leader training workshop. Nora may run for chapter leader - in 2035.
Follow the adventures of @OptOutCart on Twitter. I visit different NYC neighborhoods to share #OptOutNYC info with parents. I want kids to have the freedom to choose their own adventures so I also offer free books to NYC students. On Saturday, I went to a back-to-school event in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Let me know if you hear of other similar events that might interest me. I also welcome book donations... Katie Lapham

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