Friday, September 11, 2015

Bruce Dixon at Black Agenda Report: Day 24, #FightForDyett Hunger Strike Continues, Black Political Class Stands for Privatization

Bruce Dixon: The black misleadership class in Chicago and nationally, along with its new-jack aspirants like the Campaign Zero/Teach For America crew, know what side they're on. They stand for school privatization, for the gentrifying, the scattering, shattering and dissolution of what remains of urban African American communities. It's the stand of Republicans and Democrats alike, and especially of big city mayors and the black urban Democrat regime that rules black politics these days.
Among national political parties, only the Green party has a firm position opposing privatization of public schools. There are also national formations like the opt-out movement, and others active on the side of justice too. But again, in Chicago, as in Philly, New York and elsewhere, Congressman Bobby Rush and the gaggle of black mayoral minions have taken their stand for privatization. They know which side they're on.
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