Saturday, September 19, 2015

MORE Friday Night Uptown Barbecue Packed, MORE Meets Today - Elections, Presidential Candidate on Agenda, MORE Events Next Friday

Hostess With Mostest Megan Moskop Shopping for barbecue
Oy! These people are tiring me out. I trekked up to W. 138 St. on the slow 1 train last night for the fabulous barbecue put together by Megan Moskop and a crew of volunteers. Jia Lee (wo)manned the grill, firing up burgers and franks. I was very impressed with how many young people were there - one chapter leader showed up with 30% of the people in his school signed up as paid MORE members. It was the first time I had ever met him. Interesting guy - falls into that "15-year" teacher category - the sweet spot - the mid-career teachers that seem to be coming around to MORE. They are in deep and not leaving, yet have 15 - 20 years to go. They want to see changes in the union. We are not seeing a lot of people seeing the end of their careers coming - fighting the Unity leadership is a long-haul affair and not a lot of lunatics like me are out there. But there are some - especially the newly retired people in MORE - like my pal Gloria Brandman who is always up for the battle.

By the time I left just before 10PM, you couldn't squeeze into the backyard. I staggered out after 2 drinks from the gin and tonic machine - I think I'm hooked.

Bruce Markens, the only non-Unity district rep (Manhattan High Schools) ever elected for a decade - and the reason Randi abolished district rep elections in 2002 - was there with Bernie Sanders buttons - I bought one even though I am very unhappy with Bernie on ed deform.

I'm just about heading over to the MORE meeting where the deal with New Action will be presented and a MORE process for choosing candidates and setting up an election campaign will be on the agenda.

I have been proposing that MORE have its high school, middle school and elementary school people set up committees to choose candidates, focus on issues and run campaigns in their divisions. And stay local and build infrastructure that will last beyond the election.

MORE is planning other local events. A Bronx and Brooklyn event next Friday. Come on down.

Brooklyn Happy Hour
at 3:30pm - 7:00pm
Harp Bar Brooklyn
7710 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11209
MORE will be challenging Michael Mulgrew and his Unity caucus in the 2016 UFT officer elections. We want to hear from you, what are the issues in your school? How can we change our union for the better?
We will also have experienced UFT chapter leaders available to answer your questions on the new contract, evaluations, testing, lesson plans, dealing with bad administrators or any other UFT questions you may have.
Come have some drinks and meet educators from nearby schools!

at 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Bronx/Uptown educators, come to a MORE Back to School Party!

Mott Haven Bar
1 Bruckner Blvd, Bronx, New York 10454

-Meet other UFT chapter organizers for food, drink and fun
-Discuss how to organize and defend the UFT contract in your school
-Help build a movement demand a more just educational system

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