Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Can you point me to literature explaining the governance structure of the UFT?

I'm asked this question often as people try to explain this to people in their school who ask.
I tried to simplify my old confusing graphic. It's not easy to fit this all in.
Think of 3 branches - the Ad Com and Exec Bd elected this year and the 3rd branch is the Del Ass - Unity controls every branch and has for 60 years.

All Officer, Exec Bd and AFT/NYSUT positions are up for elections this school year. School and functional based chapter leaders and delegates are also on a 3 year cycle but are elected a year before the UFT elections take place.

See if this works for anyone interested in your schools.

Print this out and see if it clear enough to share. I can send you the pdf if you email me.

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