Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Civil Disobedience Against Ed Deform: MORE Supports #FightForDyett – Support the Hunger Strike against School Closings -

On August 17th, a group of 12 parents and community activists in the historic Bronzeville section of Chicago began a hunger strike to preserve the last open enrollment high school in their community.  Their fast, where they have consumed nothing but water and light liquids such as broth, is now in its third week... Daniel Katz, Ph.D. #FightForDyett Puts Parents’ Actual Bodies on the Line for Fully Public Education
I haven't been posting about the remarkable events going on in Chicago surrounding the community led hunger strike against a closing school. There have been so many eloquent postings on blogs, facebook and twitter there is not much I can add.

I know there are teachers under assault in the UFT by ed deform who may think this has nothing to do with them. It does have everything to do with their situation in this national and international privatization of public school systems.

MORE issued a bulletin expressing support for the Dyett parents. I am proud to be associated with the people of MORE who fight the small and big battles for the dignity of teachers, students and parents.

#FightForDyett – Support the Hunger Strike against School Closings - MORE has sent the following letter of solidarity along with a monetary donation to support the Dyett hunger strikers in Chicago. Please post black and whit... 

MORE has sent the following letter of solidarity along with a monetary donation to support the Dyett hunger strikers in Chicago. 

Please post black and white pictures to twitter under the hashtag #FightForDyett to show your solidarity (or email to and we can tweet for you) – below see a few of the MORE members who have done so…

August 28, 2015
The Movement of Rank and File Educators, of the United Federation of Teachers, stand in solidarity with the Dyett Hunger Strikers: Jitu Brown, Prudence Brown, Anna Jones, Jeanette Taylor-Ramaan, Monique Redeaux-Smith, Aisha Wade-Bey, Nelson Soza, Cathy Dale, Robert Jones, Irene Robinson, April Stogner, Marc Kaplan and their entire community. Dyett is all of us.

We support the notion that the Dyett school community has a vision and solutions to preserving their public schools. We support the highest moral and ethical stand of putting their basic needs at the same place as their need for democratic decision making. The action of denying themselves basic sustenance to support life is the height to which they’ve reached in protecting their right to public schools their children deserve. 

As we send our solidarity, we call on those elected to represent their constituents to stand with their community when the only thing they are demanding is their school. 

Representative steering members of the MORE caucus,
John Antush, Lauren Cohen, Peter Lamphere August Leppelmeier, Jia Lee, Dan Lupkin, Megan Moskop, Mike Shirtzer, Kit Wainer

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