Sunday, September 13, 2015

Let's Charterize ALL Public Services - Start With Fire Department - Chris Pearce at Teachable Moments

I love this graphic on charterized fire departments. For many years I have been raising the farce of privatizing police and fire as a contrast to public schools. Why not bring choice to fire departments or police departments and even sanitation - like I don't like my garbage collected on Tuesday - set up a competing charter so I can have my choice of days. Oh, there are so many places to go with this idea. Don't like the way the war is going? Set up a competing military force. Let the infantry have a choice of supply depots or air support. Well, here is the graphic that Arthur Goldstein shared on FB.
Hi everyone… still a few weeks away from starting up comics full time, but I thought you might enjoy my latest contribution to Ohio Schools Magazine. I’m pretty happy with the way it came out.....

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