Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Eva and Success Academy Charter Exposed by John Merrow on PBS

Oh what fun when former charter fans like John Merrow finally get the picture. Watch Eva's face. We have been exposing the Eva scam since the day she started 9 years ago. Our movie 4 years ago did the kind of work that should have alerted Merrow and the rest of the press - suspend kids who might score low until their parents pull them out. Drive down the numbers of kids between kindergarten testing grades -- that is the way to beat the lottery which might lead to some low scoring kids slipping through.

The kid in the video who left Success is now in Jia Lee's school. She left this comment on Facebook:
Have to share this for so many reasons - I'm incredibly proud of Jamir, who attends our school in the East Village. His teachers, like all of my colleagues at the Earth School, believe in supporting the whole child. How we want to feel at school is discussed as a community and we develop, together, with our students, the strategies to help each other feel happy, supported, calm, engaged and safe. A code of conduct, like the kind described here, developed by an outside entity can be equated to a form of colonialism.
Jose Vilson has been doing some great stuff around this issue. I'm on the run but want to do a lot more on Jose's work in future posts.

Check out Diane's post with comments:

John Merrow Tangles with Eva Moskowitz over Suspending Kindergartners!

Links to the 9-minute video:


Is kindergarten too young to suspend a student?
At the largest charter school network in New York City, strict academic and behavior standards set t...

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  1. We cannot rest until Moskowitz, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, is frog-marched in shackles to the dock at The Hague for her crimes against the most vulnerable of humanity.


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