Thursday, October 15, 2015

Comments on UFT Sellout of Teachers on Leave Re: Retro

I understand Mulgrew stated the city didn't want anyone on leave to get retro, that the city wanted continuous employment. Wasn't it his job to tell the city, "no?" Did Mulgrew explain why he didn't fight when he learned the city wanted to withhold money from any member who already earned it? It could be argued that members on a childcare leave need that money the most while they are caring for a baby with no income. Perhaps Mulgrew has a good reason for not fighting for these members. I'd like to know what it is. 
I desperately needed that money BECAUSE I am on a childcare leave.
The DOE doesn't allow staff to earn ANY part-time income while on a leave. At the same time they are withholding money we've earned when we need it the most, when our children need it the most. It makes no sense. That money is mine. I earned it and it could make a real difference for my family and my son.
Darren Marelli has left a new comment on your post "Mulgrew Against Moms: Jia Lee/MORE Raise Reso at DA
This comment from my good friend Darren Marelli brings home the outrage of what occurred during the DA and how the UFT negotiated the contract.

Darren played a major role in making our movie - - along with his wife Molly Bruhn. After the birth of their son, Max, they are taking turns with childcare leave.

Darren makes as strong a case as I've seen.

Roseanne McCosh also commented:
To the Maternity Leave Liaison Unity hack from Queens: How about those out with a serious illness? Should they have re"considered" that kidney transplant or cancerous tumor removal and post op care? Should they have "decided" to forgo medical treatment and opt for death? Death isn't even a viable option bc Unity negotiated a deal that gives our families NOTHING of the retro we already earned if we drop dead. We "got to handle our own business?" I assume you meant we "have to" not that we we "got to" or had the opportunity to. We didn't negotiate this piece of crap in our contract -- you and your Unity crew did. And "our business" includes OUR MONEY. So hand it over already. Shame on Unity for blaming people on approved leave for not "handling their business." Unity is seriously out of touch with the concerns of their membership. ...... Roseanne McCosh PS 8x


  1. Our faux Tough Guy President's pathetic excuse is further belied by the fact that he made sure that retirees were made whole before anyone.

    Not to suggest they were undeserving - we all deserved that money back in '09, and should have been made whole immediately, with interest - but where was their "continuous employment?"

    Then again, what does he care? Like the so-called reformers he often shills for - witness his continuing support for Common Core, test-based evaluations and expedited firings - or passively allows to loot and pillage, it's obvious to me this man thinks teachers are chumps.


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