Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Endorsements for Jia Lee for UFT President Roll In

Wonderful Jia! So glad you will shake up the UFT. Let's figure out how public school parents can work on your campaign to help get all teachers to vote for Jia in 2016! I feel a change coming!.. Janine Sopp, opt-out parent activist.
The parents at Change the Stakes, where Jia is a steering committee  member, were overjoyed at the announcement of her presidency. Janine's point about parents, especially from the opt-out movement, working on the campaign is intriguing - and offers the campaign entry points into schools it otherwise would not have access to. While Unity sends its employees into schools to stuff mailboxes I imagine an army of parents talking to their children's teachers about Jia.

Jia is a nationally known leader of the opt-out movement but people are finding out she is much more than that. Her amazing leadership skills have impressed so many. Read DOENuts on his personal experience with Jia's leadership.
The Doenuts Blog

I'll tell my own stories in another post.

Jia is endorsed in another brilliant post from NYC Educator 
Jia Lee for UFT President -

An interesting point:  Jia is the first of Asian descent to run for UFT president. Having just returned from Japan where we observed a certain pattern of behavior, I am trying to process the extent to which Jia's calmness and ways of dealing with people with a Zen-like aura come from that background. I cannot think of one person who does not love Jia. As I said I will share some personal stories - including ones where I went ballistic and she calmed me down. I am a much better person for it.

You know one of the great sports metaphors about athletes is whether the make the other players on the team better. If you measure Jia's effectiveness in those terms she is a superstar.

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