Friday, October 9, 2015

Skewer the E4E Survey - let them know what you think about their ed deform agenda

--- do it often and show how you disagree with the pro-testing, pro-common fore, pro merit pay ed deform agenda of E4E. They call them selves a teacher driven organization without mentioning they are funded by ed deformers to create a 5th column to undermine the teaching profession under false pretenses. Screen shots below of sample questions below.

I'm betting they have a way of tracking people and the people who send the link will be wiped off their list.

Dear Member,
I am writing today on behalf of Educators 4 Excellence to ask your help with a confidential online survey about our organization. We want to better understand your reflections and thinking about how we present and communicate our work.
Your responses will be anonymous and confidential, which is why we are working with an independent market research company to conduct this study for us. Please feel free to be 100% honest.
As a special thank you for providing feedback, you may enter yourself in a drawing for one of three $100 Amazon gift cards. The deadline for the drawing is Wednesday, October 14 so the sooner the better. Please complete the survey at your earliest convenience.
Click on this link to begin the survey or copy and paste it into your Internet browser to begin:
Thank you for taking the time to give us your opinion. We couldn’t do this without you.
Liz Utrup
National Director of Communications
Educators 4 Excellence
No place to write in anything to keep people to their message.


  1. It's a rigged survey, Norm. You can't answer because the premise is dishonest. It reminds me of the prosecutor who asked the accused "when did you stop beating your wife?" Best to demur.

    1. Do it to screw up their results like any standardized test -- pick random boxes to answer, etc. Take it a few times if you can.

    2. I tried to do the survey and after the first question asked me if I was a member of e4e I responded no and then it would not let me continue the survey..It said null. I tried it several times and each time it came up null and I could not continue. Finally I said I was a member and it let me continue, but I didn't complete it because I realized that since I lied and said I was a member of e4e they could somehow use that to boost the amount of teachers they claim are members of this bullshit organization!

  2. I just took the survey as a charter school E4E teacher. Tomorrow I'll adopt a few other identities. Thanks for the chuckle, Norm. Roseanne

  3. Boy that was fun.

    As to the comment about "boosting" membership, E4E will claim whatever it wants whenever it wants about membership. It's more important to f...k up the results of the survey. Hoping that if they were not smart enough to build in a security provision limiting participation to members they won't be smart enough to "clean up" bogus responses.

    More than anything this reminded me of the "Special Member Survey" that you get all the time from the Democratic National Committee and others that accompany fundraising solicitations.

    And the party-line, step-by-step "Borg-like" march through propaganda testing was quite exhilarating.

    Today I was a union member from CT. Tomorrow I'll be a charter teacher from Minnesota.

  4. Great Harris. I was a 25 year old female teacher from the south. The key is that by doing this we disrupt their survey.

  5. **** SPECIAL BULLETIN ***

    **** WE INTERRUPT YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING to bring you the latest on the pedophilia scandal swirling around Kevin Johnson, the current Mayor of Sacramento and prominent proponent of school privatization and union-busting ... oh yeah, and the husband of Michelle Rhee.***

    BELOW is the recently-released police interview video --- conducted during the 1996 investigation --- with the alleged victim Mandi Koba herself. Here she recounts the horror of being molested by Michelle Rhee's husband Kevin Johnson, the current mayor of Sacramento and a prominent proponent of busting teacher unions, and replacing public schools with privately-run charter schools.

    Scary stuff. (Mr. Huffman, if you're reading this, what are you going to do about this?)

    Watch the video and judge for yourself.

    Keep in mind, folks, that this is a sixteen-year-old girl, recounting events of a few months prior when she was just fifteen. The video is even dated July 19, 1996 ( "7-19-1996" )
    ( 00:37 - 01:35 )
    ( 00:37 - 01:35 )
    PHOENIX P.D. DETECTIVE: "What ... what specific areas (of your body did Kevin Johnson fondle)?"

    MANDI KOBA: "My stomach. My breasts. My butt... "

    PHOENIX P.D. DETECTIVE: (almost whispering) "Anywhere else?"

    MANDI KOBA: "As it progressed."

    PHOENIX P.D. DETECTIVE: "Where ELSE did it progress?"

    MANDI KOBA: "Between my legs."

    PHOENIX P.D. DETECTIVE: "Okay, and what do we call that area?"

    MANDI KOBA: "My vagina."

    PHOENIX P.D. DETECTIVE: "And - and I know some of the questions sound stupid. Okay? And I apologize for it, but there are certain things I'm looking for. Unless I know these things, then...

    MANDI KOBA: "I understand."

    PHOENIX P.D. DETECTIVE: " ... then I don't know what's going on."
    --- (PAUSE)
    "He (Kevin Johnson) had HIS clothes off?"

    MANDI KOBA: "Yes."

    PHOENIX P.D. DETECTIVE: "What happened after the fondling?"

    MANDI KOBA: "That's ... we didn't have intercourse... It was... just a lot of THAT. I don't know how long it lasted, and then... ummm "


    (ONE SIDE NOTE: what's up with choosing a male detective to conduct this incredibly sensitive and delicated interview? Wouldn't this be better handled by a female detective? Just askin'.)

    There's so much to be asked here.

    If this video were about the predations of a prominent teacher---especially one in the anti-corporate reform movement, or perhaps a prominent teacher union leader...

    ---what do think Campbell Brown would be doing in response to this video?

    What would Ben Austin would be doing in response to this video?

    What would Michelle Rhee be doing in response to this video?

    The same question goes for Eli Broad, Mike Petrilli, Wendy Kopp, Richard Barth and the rest.

    Before she went on her campaign to take away all teachers' rights and job protections, Campbell Brown first came to prominence with her accusations that among the unionized teachers of New York City were hundreds of pedophiles on the loose, thanks to their being protected by their union. When all of that was proven to be nonsense, she simply moved on to her current crusade.

    Now that Ms. Brown and the rest of the corporate reform world have video proof that one of their pro-charter, union-hating allies Kevin Johnson (and also the husband of one of their most prominent allies) is a pedophile, the question must be asked:

    What is Campbell Brown doing now? SILENCE

    Where is Kevin Huffman doing now? SILENCE


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