Sunday, October 11, 2015

Jeff Bryant: The ugly charter school scandal Arne Duncan is leaving behind

How long before Arne takes a job with the charter industry? These people - and include Chris Cerf and Joel Klein among cast of thousands - are scum.

I love the work Jeff Bryant does. I had the pleasure of hanging at the press table with him at the AFT2014 LA convention.

Thanks to old UFT/school wars pal Julie Woodward for sending this along.

The ugly charter school scandal Arne Duncan is leaving behind

Officials are raising questions about a $249 million grant to charter schools announced the day of his resignation

US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s surprise announcement to leave his position in December is making headlines and driving lots of commentary, but an important story lost in the media clutter happened three days before he gave notice.
On that day, Duncan rattled the education policy world with news of a controversial grant of $249 million ($157 the first year) to the charter school industry. This announcement was controversial because, as The Washington Post reports, an audit by his department’s own inspector general found “that the agency has done a poor job of overseeing federal dollars sent to charter schools.”
Post reporter Lynsey Layton notes, “The agency’s inspector general issued a scathing report in 2012 that found deficiencies in how the department handled federal grants to charter schools between 2008 and 2011″ – in other words, during Duncan’s watch.

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  1. Why should there be federal oversight for charters? Accountability is only for unionized teachers.

    Abigail Shure


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