Thursday, October 29, 2015

Teacher to Ed Notes: The city is SO using this eval to harass teachers

The city is SO using this eval to harass teachers. They don't even have to be verbally abusive any more.
The eval is harassing enough and keeping everyone on edge. It will push out all tier 4 people before their time.
That goes for workshop model too. You can't implement a work shop model in classes of 32 kids and keep endless records on all of them. That's why they'll never reduce class size. All meant to push out teachers.
Total bullshit.
What do you think?


  1. The goal is to rid themselves of all living, breathing teachers and instead hook kids up to computers for "personalized" learning experiences.

    Abigail Shure

  2. You hit this on the head. I'm seeing a wave of harrassment within my building. It comes primarily from the Principal. Bizzare observations. No connection to Danielson. Just random descriptions, seemingly shuffled around the Danielson form, many describing things that never happened.

    How is there no appeals system? Our Principal doesn't feel compelled to be even close to honest. The old contract had checks and balances. So, if they were going to go after someone they had to document stuff that actually happened. Now they can make up little micro lies, which are provably false, but, you can't do anything. They just load it up to the database and, zippity-doo, all of the sudden it's the truth?

  3. This is exactly why teachers MUST secretly record the audio track of lessons. Perfectly legal in New York! A digital voice recorder works just fine, and is unobtrusive. Upon receiving the observation report, compare its contents to the contents of the audio recording of that lesson. Then, email the observer (whether a principal, assistant principal, field supervisor, or someone else) and request a meeting to discuss the contents of the observation report. Indicate your areas of disagreement. After the meeting, follow up with a formal letter to the observer and send copies to higher-level supervisors. You may also wish to copy outside of the DOE.

  4. Typical corporate tactic

    Overload employee with paperwork
    Set them up for bad evaluations
    Use evaluations to fire them or harass them out

    Admin are forced to shove this down everyone' s throat
    Thousands still being spent per day on this for staff development though most staff hates it

    Question : How many millions have been given in contracts by the city to support this controversial model?

  6. Anon: 2:59. Thanks for your response. However, the drive-observations are unannounced, so you'd have to be recording at all times. Which. . . Could be done. Maybe we've reached that stage. Our contract is so bad, and many Principals are that dishonest/crazy.

  7. Yes, definitely!

    Record for the entire school day on two AAA batteries in a digital voice recorder, and then put in a fresh pair in the evening to prepare for the next day.

    Are you familiar with the David Pakter story and his use of secret recordings?

    For example, he secretly recorded a meeting with the principal:

    According to David, "Any teacher in America who does not keep a Digital Recording device in their shirt or blouse pocket whenever they are within 25 feet of a so-called supervisor or school Principal is just as stupid as a soldier in Iraq or Afganistan who would be too lazy to put on their bulletproof vest before going out on a patrol."


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