Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Silent Unity Caucus Members, Deserving Scorn, Want Perks But No Accountability

Careful not to show how you really feel.. Attacking the entire Unity caucus is really a show of how unhinged More is becoming at the seams.... Unity Caucus slug commenting on Ed Notes post: Unity-UFT Caucus Members MUST Be Called to Account - In their own schools

I and other bloggers have been posting about that Unity Caucus leaflet attacking MORE for supporting opt out.
You see, Unity Caucus people want immunity from having to face consequences for their support for their leadership's disastrous decision making on issues such as mayoral control or opt out or common core or supporting a crippling evaluation committee or being silent on abusive principals or ---- fill in the blanks.

Another Unity slug excused their post DA meeting with this:
The meeting after DA was for new convention delegates. While they are UNITY caucus members, the meeting is a UFT meeting, not a caucus meeting.
Causing Michael Fiorillo to comment: Oh, I get it: L'etat c'est moi...

Michael is right - the members of Unity Caucus think they are the UFT. Right. Maybe the caucus meeting to tell them all how to vote will take place another time.

As to my call for Unity Caucus enablers of bad policy to be attacked as being a sign that MORE is becoming unhinged --- well I don't view myself as representing MORE policy. In fact if more people in MORE listened to me, there would not be tame little district rep meetings or Delegate Assemblies or even upcoming executive board meetings. I would declare war on Unity. But I and some other ICEers in MORE, who have a lot of experience with the Unity machine are in a minority.

As an elder statesman in MORE, I have realized the the newer MOREs must go through years of frustration at dealing with Unity leaders who often play word games to misdirect the members from their real policies. Right now many MORE people think they can work with Unity to create change in the union. They are dreaming. I think they should go for the jugular and treat Unity people politically the way Vichy-like collaborators should be treated.

Hey, I like many Unity people too but we have to separate the work some of them do for the union - which can be good work -- and their political support for the bad policies of the caucus. Make each and every Unity caucus member defend mayoral control - and if they tell you they don't agree with the leadership tell them they are full of bullshit until they have the guts to stand up publicly and say so,

I'll leave the final comment to the gutsy Roseanne McCosh, one of the few Unity Caucus member who would not take the bullshit anymore
Anonymous: You're confusing unhinged with unbound. Unbound to Mulgrew/Randi and every other sell out piece of shit in a union leadership position who is promoting Cuomo's agenda. I guess since Cuomo's cronies are busy readying for prison or an indictment someone has to pick up the slack and do the governor's dirty work for him. Andrew Cuomo thanks you and Mulgrew and Randi for your service and commitment to the destruction of public schools and teachers. Roseanne McCosh


  1. Not sure how the Moreistas don't see the reality of working with Unity. Just try getting UFT support to defend a colleague unjustly attacked by a principal on a vendetta or getting a 3020a U rating overturned. Where is the UFT when we need them?

    Ask my former DR, now retired, follow the abundant food. That's where they are, at Chapter Leader trainings in their suites, or having a massage at the hotel spa. The double pension at the end of the road. The perks along the way.

    This, brothers and sisters, is not what a union should be. It's all on our dime.

  2. I beg your pardon. We are certainly accountable. Do you know how quickly my ass would be out of 52 if I were to vote any way but that which I was told?


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