Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Defend the UFT Contract, Build Chapters, Stand Up Against Abusive Supervisors - MORE Summer Series Begins July 6

With the UFT/Unity deficient, Who Ya Gonna Call? MORE's Annual Summer Series:  Wednesdays: July 6, August 3 and August 31st
The DOE has given principals a blueprint on how to remove senior and troublesome staff and they can call DOE legal for advise.

The Unity/UFT leadership has no plan and has left our membership defenseless. The other day at the theater a teacher in our show - a very happy teacher by the way whose admin loves her - told me
there is some upset in her school because a few teachers have become targets - teachers others in the school respect. She knows that the admin can turn on her on a dime or if another principal comes in with his or her own favorites, she can end up on the doodoo list too. This is the sword of Damocles people work under.
See: Pissed Off Incompetence - Thirty two year old APs who know nothing about teaching and everything about harassing those who do and incompetent Principals who appoint and support them...
One of the roles MORE must play, even with limited resources, is assuming the role the UFT leadership has vacated. Though I must say there are sketchy reports that in our assuming this role, the leadership may be feeling pressure to be more supportive -- sketchy depending on the district. If we get the leadership to do a better job that is not a bad thing but MORE will continue to push.

This summer we will escalate with 3 sessions on the fundamentals - and I hope we can continue into the fall.

MORE's Annual Summer Series! Open to UFT Chapter Leaders and All Members.

Wednesdays: July 6, August 3 and August 31st
3:00-6:00pm Happy Hour Drink Specials

Veteran Chapter Leaders Will Lead Workshops On:

Learning The Contract, Coordinating School-wide Grievances, Dealing with Difficult Supervisors, Communicating with Your Staff, Building New Leadership, Intro to the UFT Structure, The Delegate Assembly: How it Works, Fighting Charters and Privatization, Building Power with Parents and Students, How to Organize an Opt Out Campaign in Your School

After burn: Is there a  better chapter leader than Kevin Prosen? The perfect combo of social justice and hard core unionism
Kevin Prosen became chapter leader of his middle school 4 years ago. It took guts because his principal was a noted abuser. I remember we had a meeting of new chapter leaders after he was elected and he said openly he knew nothing. Within a year he was already becoming an expert and has continued to grow to the point where he can lead workshops.

Kevin is also a hard core social justice advocate and an organizer and his views have enabled him to understand how to gain support in his school. Kevin did amazing work in the election, gathering over 80 signatures on petitions in his school and has worked with people in neighboring schools.

We try to tell people that fighting an abusive supervisor is not an individual battle but takes organizing skills.

After Kevin's first year as CL his principal announced her retirement.

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