Friday, June 17, 2016

Unity Caucus Attack on Opt Out and MORE - It's Randi Not Mulgrew, Stupid

If you know people in Unity Caucus show them the leaflet and ask them to pledge allegiance to what it says - and if they won't, ask them to make a public statement denouncing it -- and watch them cower in fear - all 800 of them - or more. That makes them a slug in  my book.
By now Ed Notes readers should know about the Unity-UFT leaflet handed out at Wednesday's DA - if you don't, read this first:

Unity-UFT Attack on MORE and Opt-Out Ghost written by Cuomo, John King, Bill Gates

The social media reactions like this from opt out leader Jeannette Deuterman, let Randi off the hook.
Oh Michael, Michael, Michael. Now you went and did it. You stayed in the closet for four long years, pretending that you were respectful of the work of 250,000 parents and educators to save your profession and protect public schools. Out of fear of your regime beginning to crumble, you have decided to come out and proclaim in all your glory that you despise the opt out movement and all it represents. Let me be the first to let out a sigh of relief that the pretense is over. Now you can come at us with fists flying in typical Mulgrew fashion. Thank you for being you.
~Jeanette Brunelle Deutermann, Opt-out parent activist
... is that the focus is on Mulgrew, not Randi Weingarten who is the brains behind the outfit. Mulgrew is just her spear carrier and if he leaves as UFT president -- if Hillary - whose views on opt out totally match Randi's -- whatever slug replaces him will be no different.

Frankly, I prefer Mulgrew's approach -- he can't manage to be slick like Randi. Randi is much more dangerous.

If slick Randi were in charge, heads would roll for putting out that Unity leaflet attacking MORE and by association the parents and teachers who support opt out. But Mulgrew doesn't pay attention to the fineries of misleading people by talking out of 12 sides of her mouth, often at the same time.

Looking forward to going to the AFT convention with Arthur Goldstein and other MOREs, Gloria Brandman, Lisa North and Jia Lee in July where we can track the movements of the Unity slugs.

Jia's comment:
I was at the UFT Delegate Assembly where this leaflet was handed out. That first quote is from an interview I did for NBC's investigative report on the opt out gag order teachers face. Wow, this statement is more about eliciting fear and compliance for horrific policies that have caused irrevocable "reckless" & "feckless" harm on our profession, students and schools. The opt out/refusals have been the ONLY reason our state and federal govt have backed away from test based evals. This statement right here is very revealing of how out of touch our union leadership is. It means our work must continue because they haven't heard their members and communities at all.
Arthur's piece today:

Opt-out Answers UFT Unity


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