Thursday, June 16, 2016

Unity-UFT Attack on MORE and Opt-Out Ghost written by Cuomo, John King, Bill Gates

MORE urged students to opt out of the state exams as a means of protecting the professional autonomy of educators and fighting against a corporate education system. ... Unity-UFT Caucus leaflet, June 2016
Guilty, proudly guilty as charged. Someone has to protect the professional autonomy of educators and fight against the corporate education system. Unity certainly isn't. In fact, they consistently prove time and again, they aid and abet and are allies of the corporate ed deformers. Any of the people mentioned in the headline could have written that leaflet since we've seen the same threats against teachers and parents almost word for word.
They are, in fact, attacking MORE as though we invented opt-out, and as though we are the sole participants. Can you imagine how much power they've attributed to us right there? Of course they ignore people like Leonie Haimson, Carol Burris, Jeanette Deutermann, Diane Ravitch and Beth Dimino, among many others.... NYCEducator
Does anyone doubt the fact that it was the 225,000 opt outers that got Cuomo to back down? Unity thinks it was really Mulgrew bluster or back door negotiating tactics.

Unity'-UFT has teemed up with the ed deform gang to try to kill opt out.

I actually laughed out loud when I looked at the Unity Caucus leaflet at yesterday's Delegate Assembly that attacked MORE and the opt out movement, terming us "reckless and feckless" - a Walt Whitman they are not. "This is a gift from Unity to us," I told our MORE colleagues "and will come back to haunt them."

Maybe Mulgrew can threaten to punch parents who opt out in the face at the AFT convention in a few weeks and the 800 Unity slugs where there can rise up and cheer his words. The big joke is the "threat" of losing money for schools whose parents opt out in big numbers.

The biggest joke of all is the phrase at the bottom of the leaflet. We know that there is no courage or vision but there is certainly persistence - persistence in supporting the ed deformers by hook or crook.

Bloggers James Eterno


and Arthur Goldstein expose that farce.

 UFT Unity Fears Us

They say these "reward schools" will now lose as much as $75,000 in reward money. Whenever I see "as much as" I'm always skeptical. There's certainly something unsaid. And brilliant blogger Jersey Jazzman has already considered that, along with much more.

That leaves them with a six percent shot at being eligible for "as much as" $75,000. And if you're thinking, which I can only assume the target audience of Unity faithful is not, you know that when someone uses a phrase like "as much as," you must always question what, exactly "as little as" is, because it could be zero, for all we know.  And in case you it isn't wholly apparent, being "eligible" for something, well, that doesn't mean you get it either. How do you become part of this lucky 6% that may or may not get you as much as $75,000? According to Jazzman, and please read his full column.
Outrage burns on social media.
Beth Dimino:
That moment when Michael Mulgrew and the rest of ‪#‎UNITY‬ dissolve in a puddle of bile attacking NYC's most dedicated student, educator, and parent activists for resisting high stakes testing, and double down on the attempt to silence and intimidate the opt out movement. Your true constituents in the ed. deformer community salute you! ‪#‎OPTOUTNYC‬ ‪#‎REFUSETHETEST‬

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