Monday, February 27, 2017

All Out Tuesday 2/28 Save JHS 145 and Immigrant Rights

WHEN: Tuesday, February 28

WHERE: 5pm press conference
Dr. Ronald McNair Park, across from Prospect Heights Educational Campus
883 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225

5:30 speaker sign up and 6:00pm PEP begins in the Prospect Heights Educational Campus

WHAT: At press conference before the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) meeting, a coalition of public school students, teachers, and families will applaud the Department of Education’s initial steps towards protecting immigrant students, and present their demands for further action. This will conclude a Day of Action for Education, Not Deportation at schools across the city, which includes lessons, activities, a social media campaign at #immigrantyouthdayofaction, and rallies. We also proudly join with the Save Junior High School 145 Bronx campaign to urge Farina and PEP members to remove them from the school closing list.

We ask Chancellor Fariña and the NYC Department of Education to:
  1. Put an Immigrant Liaison in Every School: Create an official role designed to provide resources and support to immigrant students.
  2. Restrict ICE Access: Require that ICE obtain approval from the Chancellor’s office before entering schools.
  3. Postpone the decision to close Junior High School 145:  Remove this decision from the March 22 PEP agenda until DOE, UFT and JHS 145 community can work together to offer alternatives to closure that fully support their students, half of whom are immigrants.
  4. Implement Multicultural Curricula: Available to all teachers, developed by teachers, and embracing our multicultural community.

WHO:  Students, educators, parents, and community members from the following groups make up this coalition: New York State Youth Leadership Council, TeachDream, MORE-UFT, Teachers Unite, IntegrateNYC4me, NYCORE, New Action-UFT.


Here is a tool-kit for 2/28 and beyond with articles, links, and resources to help you educate, organize, and mobilize others around immigrant rights.

Please share with other educators and community members!

Here are samples of power-points and fliers that schools are using on Tuesday for lessons, activities, and rallies 

After school, pease join us at 5pm for the press conference at Dr. Ronald McNair Park across from Prospect Heights Educational Campus, in Brooklyn. At 6:00pm in the Panel for Educational policy meeting, we will present our requests to Chancellor Farina. Wear green to show your support.

We will also join with the JHS 145 community to ask that the decision to close their school be postponed. JHS 145 serves many students who are immigrants and English Language Learners. The vote to close this school is scheduled for the 3/22 PEP.

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