Tuesday, February 7, 2017

On DeVos From One outraged principal who is a both a democrat and union man

A comment from a principal on Betsy Confirmed: We Won, We Won:
We all know Betsy DeVos is another Cathie Black. While she is obviously unqualified, she is also really kind of irrelevant. 

What amuses me is that our very own DEMOCRAT Governor has come out saying he wants to eliminate the cap on charter schools in NYC and I haven't heard a word from any of the protestors who claim to be outraged by De Vos' policies, policies which Andrew CUOMO supports wholeheartedly. 

Where is the outrage? 

 It is so blatantly obvious that this is a pre-planned, simplistic and boring "Never Trump" campaign. Trump was a harmless TV host / developer when DEMOCRATS OBAMA AND CUOMO DOUBLED CHARTER SCHOOLS IN NEW YORK. 

They were also both in power when Democrat CUOMO Created Tier VI for new teachers who now have to work until 63. Can't blame Donald Trump for these things. So the thinking of many unionized educators was  Since these "Democrats" are giving us republican policies, why not vote for a republican and at least get a tax cut?

Trump/ DeVos' policies could never do harm in New York if our legislature wasn't down with them. Unfortunately, more and more people elected by their constituents as democrats to the NYSA Senate are joining the IDC to get personal perks. The have sold out those of us in public worker unions and public education in general. 

I myself long ago gave up on the "Democrat good, Republican bad" simplicity of the non thinking left. 

We have EVIL right here at home and those elected DEMOCRATS are the clear and present danger to us in NY. 

We know where most of the Republicans stand. They say straight out that they don't like us and will enact policies contrary to our well being. Fair enough, at least they are honest. However, many of these traitorous dems smile at us, take our union endorsements and then stab us in the back. And that's what hurts the most, when your "friends" do you wrong.

........One outraged principal who is a both a democrat and union man said...


  1. I'll say it again...until the democrats realize that most of us who tend to vote for the democratic candidates are willing to slit our own throats and vote for the republicans, they will never look out for us in any meaningful way. Why should they if they know we are unwilling to abandon them no matter how badly they treat us. This is why I voted for Trump. It didn't matter what he said or did, I had to vote for the Democratic Party’s enemy. I could have written the last two paragraphs of this principal's comment---it expresses exactly how I feel about the democrats. The democrats in Albany are our immediate threat. No matter who runs against Cuomo, he/she will have my revenge vote. I'd rather see the knife coming than have it stuck in my back. Putin or Dracula for governor? Fine by me. That's how far I am willing to go. If I was willing to vote for Trump, I'm basically willing to vote for anyone who is the enemy of the democrats. They have to know we are willing to destroy their party rather than begrudgingly accept them as they are. Roseanne McCosh

  2. You're assuming the dems are capable of listening or changing. The real left doesn't see that as happening. Then what? Republicans are the biggest pieces of shit I've ever seen enabling this lying thug with barely a whimper. They intend never to give up power and turn every state they can into Kansas. A disaster area. So we are caught between a rock and a hard place. Disaster capitalism as the republicans kill the environment and every reg they can cut until we all start getting sick from uninspected food. That is the future which is why I held my nose and voted hillary. I wouldn't cut my own throat which is what I think you did no matter how oissed you are at dems. Know how to screw them? Start showing up at every town hall where you live. Find and support a primary to challenge them in every venue.

  3. Roseanne McCosh is my spirit animal!


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