Wednesday, February 8, 2017

MORE Delegate Assembly Newsletter - Feb. 8, 2017

I've taken on a project for MORE to produce a newsletter aimed specifically at the people attending the Delegate Assembly in a limited edition. While some of it may be inside baseball, some people may want to share with some of their colleagues who might be interested.

For today there are items on the MORE reso on immigrant students, the attempted closing of JHS 145x, how Cuomo's budget is a giveaway to charters, a piece from Arthur on how James Eterno was treated at the last DA when he raised an item on the number of observations.

If you want a copy, Get your copy of the newsletter here.

Also coming up Saturday

MORE General Meeting
Come help MORE set our organizing priorities for the Spring and beyond! See the proposed agenda here.

2/11 @ CUNY Grad Center Room 5414
12:00 - 3:00
RSVP for the meeting!
Facebook Event

And this special event:
Special Education Strategy Forum
Attend the Movement of Rank & File Educators’
How do our children with special needs get the schools they deserve?

How can labor be a driving force for educational justice and special education supports & services in NYC?

Educators, parents, advocacy groups:
Let’s come together to plan & organize so that we can guarantee our kids get the education they deserve and are legally mandated to receive!

12noon - 4pm

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  1. Everybody is up in arms about DeVos. However, I am way more pissed about the 4 OBSERVATIONS. DeVos is not going to be coming into my classroom any time soon with a Danielson clipboard but I gotta sweat out 4 observations when the rest of NYS only has 2. Is there anyway for the rank and file to petition the UFT to get us 2 observations by September? (Rumors of the DOE and CSA wanting only 2 observations make it seem that this is actually a realistic goal.) I urge MORE to keep the UFT on notice that teachers are demanding 2 observations just like the majority of teachers in NYS.


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