Tuesday, February 14, 2017

DOE to Hire Former Principals to Do Hits on Tenured teachers - PEP Feb. 28 Vote

Consultants are assigned to cases involving teachers and other pedagogues who were rated unsatisfactory, and they prepare documentation related to the underperforming personnel. Team Leaders act as liaisons who offer support among the attorneys, Labor Support Consultants, and school administrators.  .... http://schools.nyc.gov/NR/rdonlyres/EEE0FACB-A2CA-45C0-918A-1AD585730C21/207568/FebPEPAgenda013017.pdf
Teachers ought to go and give the PEP some input on Feb. 28. Note than any mention of the word "support" doesn't mean support of the teachers but of the administrator.

When Mulgrew sang the praises of de Blasio in his endorsement this wasn't mentioned. Let's spend another million bucks to support DOE legal. I know one of these guys. Believe me - you go in guilty. Will the UFT have any presence at the Feb. 28 PEP to address this?

Meet the proposed DOE Hitmen

Authorization is requested to contract with the vendors listed below to serve in the Labor Support Unit (LSU) and provide ongoing assistance to principals and assistant principals in the evaluation and discipline process for tenured pedagogues
This authorization will result in multiple requirements contracts. All of the contracts will be active for approximately three years, commencing on or around March 1, 2017 and terminating on or around February 29,2020. 
A Request for Proposals (RFP) was the preferred procurement method because the service requires vendors to have a working knowledge of the discipline process for pedagogues and prior experience with supervising classroom instruction and improving underperforming pedagogues. Since there is an ongoing need for additional providers, this RFP was open ended, thus allowing candidates the opportunity to submit proposals upon receiving the required supervisory certification.
The RFP was divided into two components: (1) Labor Support Unit Consultants, and (2) Labor Support Unit Team Leaders.
Consultants are assigned to cases involving teachers and other pedagogues who were rated unsatisfactory, and they prepare documentation related to the underperforming personnel. Team Leaders act as liaisons who offer support among the attorneys, Labor Support Consultants, and school administrators. Team Leaders must also have knowledge of New York State Education Law Section 3012 c, passed in May 2010, that reflects changes in how educators throughout New York State are evaluated and supported. Vendors were able to propose for either or both components.
Proposals were evaluated by a three member committee drawn from the Teacher Performance Unit and the Office of
Labor Relations, all of whom have experience working with the LSU Consultants and extensive knowledge of the teacher evaluation process delineated in the teachers’ collective bargaining agreement, as well as the New York State Education Law Section 3020a (3020a) disciplinary process for tenured pedagogues.
Proposals for both LSU Consultants and Team Leaders were scored using the following evaluation criteria:
Communication/Interpersonal Skills (50 points), which factored in interview performance, and Demonstrated Effectiveness (50 points). All proposers were required to have a supervisory certificate and submit a writing sample. 
Of the 10 candidates who submitted proposals, five vendors are recommended here and five are still being evaluated.
In addition, two candidates submitted proposals via email and were instructed to resubmit paper copies of their proposals in accordance with the RFP’s specifications.
No protests were received from these proposers.
Additional recommendations for awards will be covered in subsequent RAs.
All the candidates recommended for award clearly articulated their relevant experience and demonstrated knowledge
of the collective bargaining agreement.
All have also had extensive experience as a school supervisor

Awarded vendors will be compensated a daily rate of $350 for seven consultant work hours or a prorated hourly rate of $50 as specified in the RFP. The rate will remain in effect for the entire term of the contract. The estimated annual amount for each vendor is $60,000 annually, $180,000 for the term of the contract.
Vendors’ pricing fell within the range of prices paid through competitively procured contracts for comparable services.
Accordingly, pricing has been determined to be fair and reasonable. Although each consultant will be paid identical daily rates, estimated annual amounts for each may vary based on the distribution of assignments.


  1. So the Mayor is openly hiring a pro hit squad to take out tenured teachers and the UFT is endorsing him for re-election? Hmmm, I wonder why so many teachers are planning on not paying UFT dues in the near future. The friend of your enemy is your enemy.


  3. Michael Mulgrew, DOE double agent.

    Randi and Unity caucus would do well to get this clown out of there asap, because he will single-handedly cause a collapse in dues collection when Friedrich's II comes down.

    1. and so will your life and your family without any union protections which will develop if people like you abandon the ship

  4. I will take FULL pleasure in watching the destruction of the UFT
    All those UFT employees at the UFT offices doing NOTHING - why do they think they deserve their jobs???
    Do they think Mulgrew cares one bit about their jobs??

  5. Friedrich II will arrive shortly. I can't wait to see Mulgrew and Company lose their jobs. Can't happen soon enough.

  6. Re Anon feb 15 8:55am: For the love of Vishnu or whatever God you may believe in...if you want to encourage members to stay on board in the wake of friedrich II, you need to do more than tell people they will be worse off without the UFT. I read comments like these often and I implore you to think of something else if you truly want to keep members on board. I don't think words will matter at all if/when the time comes. If by the time of a Friedrich II loss the UFT has not demonstrated it has been fighting for the working teacher, the game is over. Members already feel abandoned by the UFT. Telling them they will be worse off falls on deaf ears. You must hear the anger out there as well as I do. Nothing short of direct action that is relatable to the working teacher on the part of the UFT from yesterday forward stands a chance quelling the anger....anger that will result in a severe drop in dues paying members if/when they are given the choice to pay up or not. It boggles my mind that Unity doesn't see this coming. Mulgrew and a few cronies may still wine and dine at the table long enough til they collect their double pensions but most of Unity will be thrown overboard. Do they think they'll find some magic pixie dust to convince members to stay so they can keep their union jobs? Seriously....wtf are they thinking? Roseanne McCosh

    1. Roseanne. Unity does see this coming. The positive for them is that they lose their severest critics. They know they can't stop friedrichs now and they don't have it in their DNA to operate any way other than they have been. Remember that their prime directive is to maintain themselves in power even at expense of a reduced union. If the alt was to democratize to keep more people in the union but risk losing control they opt for a one party system that at least keeps them in power with a smaller seat at the table.

    2. Norm... do you mean critics within Unity? Not sure what critics you are referring to that would be affected by the union losing employees at 52 Bdwy or borough offices. Roseanne

  7. Roseanne. I mean by critics the people who vote against them. People not represented. Y them too. I imagine this would hurt the opposition that remains in the union and I think unity sees the silver lining as a way to tighten control. But they also lose pattronage to offer people so they get weaker on that end. Fact is in nys both parties need the uft to control the members and they will prop them up. Randi and mulgrew are Always ready to deal. I believe some people who say they will leave may get cold feet for fear the union Even if not being there for them is still an option.

  8. Thanks for clarifying, Norm. Nothing like trying to prepare for retirement with an axe hanging over my head while perched on an unstable cliff. TRS just recalculated the pension of a colleague that retired a year and a half ago. Those of us preparing to go in a couple of years have no idea what our FAS will be or how the 4% + 4% factors into FAS or the 10% rule. We can’t calculate the retro still owed to us (87.5 % of what amount ???)With the constitutional convention looming we don’t know if we’ll have the guaranteed 7% TDA rate. I think when I turn 55, I’ll just have to cross my fingers while I sign my retirement papers. I can’t imagine even considering postponing my retirement, it’s just too toxic in DOE world. I have a running joke with some of my colleagues that if I ever collapse, they better drag me outside and put me under a tree because I will never rest in peace if the last thing I see is the walls of my DOE prison. I’m good at my job and can take satisfaction in a job well done. I am not abused by my administrators and yet the DOE toxins both literal (lead in our school water, still not rectified/mold and old asbestos supposedly removed) and figurative are enough to negatively affect any decent human being working for the NYC DOE. I don’t how my younger colleagues are ever going to make it. Roseanne


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