Saturday, February 18, 2017

DeVos to Tour Schools With Randi - Marshals Doubled to Protect Randi From Union Members' Outrage

With Betsy DeVos mocked throughout the nation and  on the run, Randi Weingarten has legitimized, or normalized, her by arranging to go visit public schools with her. Some people are speechless. For long-time Randi observers this is totally in line with her modus operendi. Thanks to Abby in Newark for the story.
DeVos faced a storm of criticism before her confirmation vote, with critics arguing she lacked public school experience.
Protesters then tried impeding DeVos’s entrance into Washington, D.C.’s Jefferson Middle School during a Feb. 10 visit after she was sworn in.
DeVos ultimately entered the school, and Weingarten condemned those attempting to stop the visit, which was organized by the Washington Teacher’s Union, a group which also opposed DeVos’s confirmation.

“Just heard a protester blocked & almost knocked Secy @BetsyDeVos down at Jefferson,” she tweeted Feb. 10. "We don’t condone such acts. We want her to go to pub schls."


  1. Actually that's the smartest things she's done in years. I like DeVos a lot more than Weingarten, and I hate everything about charter schools.

  2. Weingarten cannot pass up an opportunity for self-promotion at the expense of her members.

    Abigail Shure

  3. Perhaps, after this Randi will award UFT's Educator of the Year Award to Betsy. That way she will get a seat at the billionaire's banquet--even as her union loses dues checkoff.

  4. This may be the tipping point. (Birds of a feather flock together.)


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