Friday, February 23, 2018

2nd Amendment Rights - The Right to Bear Nukes

I can't wait for those suitcase sized nukes -- maybe even smaller. The 2nd amendment guarantees my right to bear arms so why exclude nukes? Look for a Trump tweet on that issue.

Think how much safer schools will be if we put tactical nukes around the hallways like fire extinguishers. If no nukes how about hanging grenades in the hallways?
The Onion

I'm so sorry I'm retired. How great would it be to be able to pull my weapon on every kid who doesn't do homework.

I wonder what position the UFT will take on the bearing arms issue. Since some teachers may own guns wouldn't that be divisive? Can't wait to have them bring up that Vietnam War thingy as being the right decision.


  1. To the left Trump is a fascist, yet they want to disarm the people. LOL!

  2. Good luck taking potshots at a fascist takeover. Keep passports handy.

  3. Nazi Germany disarmed its citizens


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