Friday, February 9, 2018

Another View in the UFT - Feb. 2018 - Family Leave, Class Size, Contract, Attacks on Schools, Black Lives Matter Reso Commentary

The latest edition of our Delegate Assembly newsletter from Mike, James, Arthur and myself. We are Another View in the UFT, in MORE and often in our own schools (except for me of course.)

Distributed a the Feb. DA. If you want a pdf email me at
  • Parental/Family Leave – MORE Holds Rally, UFT Officials Join in 
  • Resolution on Class Size Reduction By Arthur Goldstein, James Eterno, Norm Scott
-->School Closings and Consolidations Inspire Teachers, Parents and Students to stand up; UFT must offer more support; Stories of Awful principals and Superintendents; Focus was on District 4 (East Harlem) Superintendent Estrella                     by Norm Scott
  • Our (Rough) Contract Demands by Mike Schirtzer and MORE/New Action Ex Bd High School Reps
  • -->
  • Is Black Lives Matter Divisive, as Leroy Barr Claims? By Norm Scott


    1. MORE may have inflicted a fatal blow on the UFT if the resolution to endorse BLM had passed.
      Enemies of unions would point to George Soros influence and it would not be good. Leroy Barr was correct.

    2. The cultural Marxist disease has been exposed


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