Monday, February 5, 2018

Hallelujah Piece of Shit Astroturf Families For Excellent Schools Closing Down

Fuck FES and good riddance. Jeremiah Kittredge took FES down with him. Read this almost hilarious account of Kittredge's transgressions by a woman who said she could have broken him in half.

For Immediate Release:

Julia Watson, Statewide Communications Coordinator, AQE  


Families for Excellent Schools' Closure: The Defeat of Astroturf Education Advocacy 
NEW YORK, NY (February 5, 2018) — The corrupt charter school advocacy group Families for Excellent Schools is closing in part or full following a series of scandals. They were shut down in Massachusetts for corrupt election activities for which they were forced to pay the largest election law fine in Massachusetts state history. Today it has been reported that they are curtailing operations following the firing last week of the Executive Director as a result of an investigation into sexual harassment charges.

"FES is the latest of the astroturf charter school advocates to sputter into irrelevance in New York State, just another group that tried and failed to do any real grassroots parent organizing,” Zakiyah Ansari, Advocacy Director, Alliance for Quality Education. “The only way these groups can generate a crowd of supporters in when large charter school chains shut down their schools and mandate parent participation in rallies. The lack of any real grassroots support is why their corrupt charter school ballot initiative in Massachusetts failed, even after spending $20 million on the campaign. 

"The one thing FES and others have been effective at is influence peddling with politicians, so keep your eyes open because it will not be shocking if the billionaire hedge fund crowd that backed FES moves their money into a new organization."


New York, NY – Statement from Bryan Lawrence, Board Chair of Families for Excellent Schools:

“This is a sad day for everyone at Families for Excellent Schools. We are very proud of the work we’ve done to help thousands of families stand up for educational opportunity in their communities, and believe our vision of a world where every child has access to an excellent school has never been more important.

Unfortunately, after a series of challenges over the past year and particularly given recent events, we have determined that the support necessary to keep the organization going is not there. We are beginning the process of winding down our work. I want to thank all those who have given their heart and soul to this organization since its inception; I know they will continue to advocate for the families and communities we serve.”


  1. Good riddance to raw sewage...

  2. Kittredge always gave me the creeps. I’m not surprised. Anyone have a link to footage him stammering in Albany when a reporter asked him if the kids were getting instructions on the bus to the march? “I don’t know. Uh, I’m not an educator,” I think he said. No, Jeremiah. You certainly are not.


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