Wednesday, February 14, 2018

PS 42 Hearing - UFT Puts Skin in the Game
Leroy Barr at PS 42 hearing
What a remarkable hearing last night at PS 42. I have some amazing video. Deputy chancellor Elizabeth Rose was on the dais -- pretty remarkable - and Farina is supposed to come to the school this Thursday at 4PM to explain to parents about the new schools being opened. All apparently due to the firestorm the school community has created, which has led to an enormous presence of the UFT, especially from the Queens borough office, now led by Amy Arundel -- and I give her credit for the response. Almost the entire office staff were at the hearing last night.

What a pleasure to interact with some of these parents, some of whom I've gotten to know since I began covering the story.

Leroy Barr, who has been attacked - unfairly some believe (Mike Schirtzer on BLM Reso: A Plea for More Unity in Our Union)
- for his position on Black Lives Matter week, stood up strong for the black lives being ignored by the DOE at PS 42, which is 72% black. I'll note that many of Barr's critics have not turned up at one closing school hearing, where black lives matter is under attack by the DOE, as of this point. See -Virtue Signalling.
When Rose began to speak, the entire teaching staff put tape over their mouths and turned their backs to her.

Parent comments were spectacular comments. The UFT chapter leader said the new schools were not for our children.

Rose at the end for the first time seemed to guarantee every child in the school a seat but it was fuzzy if that was only for kids who are in the zone. Some parents from other zoned schools raised that point.

When someone shouted out about the teachers, Rose ignored them -- kids can stay but teachers not --- it is so clear what this closing is about -- parents brought up questions about new teachers coming into the neighborhood who don't know the children.

The NAACP made comments about going to court for civil rights violations. Rose squirmed a bit at that.

More videos to come over the weekend and I will post them as I process them, but off for a few days of Valentine Day celebration.

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