Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Video: PS 42 Parents Speak Up for Teachers and Their Children

I was on a bus a few weeks ago chatting with this parent of two PS 42 children. What an interesting guy. He is from Seattle (his family had gone to Garfield HS though he went to another high school) and works for some social service agency with at risk youth. Just listen to his speech as he calls bullshit on the DOE if scores rise from 6% to 30% in two years. He talks about investing in education and renewal schools are an investment that must be nurtured over many years. He ends with a story about how his daughter didn't really want to come or speak but he convinced her to just come and watch and after watching she got up and spoke --

The other parent on the video speaks right from her heart -- that the DOE is branding the children as failures. She talks about how the children need these teachers who they know.

There were a lot more parents who spoke at the hearing, some with heavy accents that are hard to make out in the poor sound. I will look for others to post though I expect there will be a lot more at tomorrow's PEP meeting. see the full PS 42 hearing - the kids are here at the end of part1: https://vimeo.com/257425761. Adults in part 2, including the UFT people. https://vimeo.com/257379612



  1. The parent in the 2nd half with the demand "Let 'em be!" -- that should be the a new meme for the war against fake school closings. A wonderful speech.

  2. There are more great speeches. I extracted only 2. Some were hard to hear, especially when the parent had an accent.


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