Wednesday, January 30, 2019

NY State Leg: ZERO for teachers

A rant from a friend about the UFT and its legislative friends and governor.
This is the main part of the NYS legislative season.The UFT gave him the entire left-wing of the state party. They gave him the WFP. They hosted the damn meeting where unions were told to stop supporting WFP. And what has the union asked for in return?
NOTHING! Not one perk. No beef up of pensions. No relief of teacher certification. No commitment to help with medical benefits. Nothing

Right now, there are 2534 pending pieces of legislation before the NYS Assembly. Pension perks for retired cops like gangbusters!! HORSES who are retired from service will be getting extended rights.
ZERO for teachers. Just this eval law (that, frankly, any smart pol would support anyway).

Click the link. Hit "search". See for yourself.


I don't even give my own wife and kid that much for nothing.

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