Saturday, January 5, 2019

Breaking UFT Election News: A Gaggle of Caucuses Throw Their Wings Into the Race

Ed. Notes has learned exclusively that even more caucuses will be running in the UFT elections [in addition to the current ones, New Action, Solidarity and MORE.] The more caucuses the merrier. I may join every caucus - and vote for all of them too.

Ed. Notes reprint from Spring ‘99.

Here are the names of the groups and their basic platforms: 

SERIOUSLY INACTIVE CAUCUS (SIC): Will do nothing after announcing they are going to run.

TELEPATHIC INDEPENDENT CAUCUS (TIC): Will put out no leaflets, but will reach out by projecting their thoughts. 

PULL-OUT INDEPENDENT PARTY (PIP): Proposes that every teacher should be a pull-out teacher.

PUSH IN CAUCUS (PIC): Split from PIP. Wants every teacher to be a push-in teacher. 

PARTY OF ENERGY CAUCUS (PEC): Wants a health club in every school.

New Inaction Caucus (NIC): Self-explanatory.

POLITICAL ACTION for TEACHERS (PAT): Every teacher should run for office in UFT elections.  

PAY EVERY TEACHER A LOT (PETAL): Advocates accelerated payments for teachers. 

CAUCUS in OPPOSITION TO POLITICAL ENTITIES (COPE): Union shouldn’t engage in political activity.

Rumor has it that
PIC, PAC and PEC will merge and be known as: PIC ‘A PAC ‘O PEC 'O.

Logo got Pic 'o pac 'o

There are reports of a merger of Unity Caucus and Progressive Action Caucus. 

This new caucus will tentatively be known as:  

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  1. Lmao that is so true. It is hysterical how the oppositions cannot even come together to prevent a clean unity sweep. As a former member of one of those groups, as of a couple months ago.. I have just become disgusted by the useless futility


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