Monday, January 14, 2019

UTLA on Strike: Litmus test for Dem 2020 Pres Candidates - Show up on picket line

The UTLA strike puts the hordes running for the Dem nomination in 2020, a number of them charter school supporters, in a delicate position. Given that a reason for the Dem losses around formerly strong union areas has been their abandonment of union workers, this one is a biggie. UTLA has put charters in their sights in this strike and while unlikely to win much in the way of redress, that they put it on the table at all is a win of sorts. In Chicago, there were also efforts to put charters on the table and the unionization efforts have worked out.

Here in NYC, the UFT often acts like charters are a figment of the imagination and has an awful record of organizing charters. Then there are the ties between our local, state and national union to the Dem party - watch Randi waffle as she gives support to the strike but makes no demands that politicians running for president join her.

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  1. This guy passes litmus tests all the time...


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