Monday, January 7, 2019

UFT Elections: The Caucus of Goldstein and Schirtzer - Will They Throw Their Hat into the Ring?

Here is an astounding idea. Get yourself a pal and form a caucus and even though you need 40 to get a slate on the ballot, you can still get 2 pages in the NY Teacher in two separate issues to promote your ideas. That seems to be the outcome of rulings by the election committee, endorsed by the UFT Ex Bd at the Jan. 7 meeting.

As reported by Arthur in his Ex Bd Notes:
UFT Executive Board January 7, 2018--We Support LA Teachers and Discuss Election
LeRoy Barr— All caucuses will get ads regardless of whether they have enough candidates to form a slate. 

NOTE: In the 2016 elections, Solidarity did not get a slate but did get the 2 pages in the NY Teacher, which we thought was Unity's way of trying to siphon votes from us. 

 Arthur Goldstein—If Mike Schirtzer and I decide that we want to run as a caucus, can we get 2 pages in the NY teacher for Schirtzer Goldstein caucus-The two of us could run and get two pages in NY Teacher to promote our duo--is that what Im hearing?
Barr—Those who don’t meet requirement want to have representation in NY Teacher. If you are saying you have two, will assume that is correct.
Washington Sanchez—In essence, what Arthur said is correct. The committee did not want to prevent this. We didn’t think that would happen. Committee reserved right to come back and revisit the issue. Was lengthy discussion, many different views. Because of Janus we did not want anyone to feel slighted.
Michael Shulman—Basically, what LeRoy laid out was essence of discussion. Was not unanimous. Some raised same concern Arthur did. Decision was any caucus would be allowed two pages. We will follow the practice of allowing space. Independents were given space in NY teacher. Perhaps individuals will get space allotted in line with what has taken place in past. 
And thus was born the caucus of Goldstein/Schirtzer. Will they toss their hat in the UFT Election ring? Will others join the caucus? Since they will not get the required 40 people in time to get on the ballot, they can run as independents and invite any of the other caucuses to endorse them.

Hey James! The caucus of Eterno/Scott? Nahhh! We have golf games to play.

Of course we know the game Unity is playing - divide and conquer.
The more the merrier and the more they can fragment the opposition. But speaking of MORE, guess who did the fragmenting of the opposition?

Petitions become available at the Jan. 16 Delegate Assembly. Come on down and become a caucus.

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