Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Today: District 15 CEC to Vote on Pause for Charters

Jan. 29, 2019
For those not aware, each of the 32 local school districts in NYC have a school board - of sorts - called Community Education Councils and they meet every month in mostly sparsely attended meetings and have almost no power - but when the CEC's take strong stands on charters it is another chip. Tonight one of the most progressive district - 15 - Park Slope and Sunset Park - will be asked to take a stand on charters by D15 Parents for Middle School Equity. I hope to be there to record it.

Support CEC15's "Pause" on Charters 

The District 15 Community Education Council (CEC15) has drafted an important and timely resolution opposing any increase to the number of Charter schools in in New York City or New York State.

D15 Parents for Middle School Equity strongly supports CEC15’s resolution which proposes a 5-year moratorium on any new Charters in New York City and the completion of a system-wide impact evaluation of Charters on our public schools.

New York City already houses 71% of the Charter schools in NYS. No further Charter growth should be approved without an evaluation of the impact of Charter schools on our traditional public schools - those run with public oversight. This resolution is not anti-Charter; it is simply a pause on any increase in Charters to ensure that traditional and Charter schools are working together and making progress for all our children.

Review the full text of the draft resolution and send comments in support to:

A final public vote on the draft resolution will be held:
          Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at 6:30 pm
          PS 131
          4305 Fort Hamilton Parkway

It is important that District 15 families and educators attend Tuesday’s CEC15 meeting and show our support for this important resolution.

Please share information on this meeting and this resolution with your community.

D15 Parents for Middle School Equity

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