Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Education Town Hall at Flushing Public Library with John Liu - Will the UFT Make a Token Showing?

I don't raise the issue of the UFT truly fighting budget cuts -- they seem to think a showing of UFT bureaucrats is enough. They seem to fear mobilizing rank and file in this battle.

My wife received a missive from Paul King, our local slime Republican candidate for congress against Dem Gregory Meeks -- a lesser slime. King, who is misusing his presidency of the Belle Harbor Neighborhood association to promote his candidacy, focused on how bad schools are and how we need charters to solve the problem. King views any Dem as a socialist -- like he will attack corp Dem anti progressive Meeks, whom I didn't support in the last election, as a socialist. At least Meeks is not openly anti-union (though he will always support corporate interests). But Meeks too has had links to pro-charters. So we are getting it from both sides. But King is so slimy I have to vote for Meeks with more enthusiasm than I'd like. He is a big enemy of the squad.

The budget crisis is currently the spear point and dagger to the heart of public ed of the Adams admin attack on teachers, their union and public schools. That's why I'm schlepping out on the #7 train to Flushing tonight for this town hall. 

John Liu was one of the winners of Leonie Haimson/Class Size Matters Skinny Award for his work on class size. There is an ed war brewing reminiscent of the Bloomberg days, as I reported yesterday. 

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James reported on the ICE blog:


This information came today from Class Size Matters leader Leonie Haimson.

1. Just a quick message to let you know that according to sources, the City Council is back at the negotiating table with the Mayor, pushing him to restore the school budget cuts. Let's hope they make a deal and soon!  

2. Sen. John Liu is having an Education Town hall this Wed. August 17 at 6 PM at the Flushing Library. Sen. Liu was the main sponsor of the class size bill in the State Senate and it's important that as many parents show up as possible to support smaller classes, as there is a small but vocal contingent of Queens parents who have been harassing him on the issue. Sign up at

Where: Flushing Library at 41-17 Main St

When: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Leonie will be there. Norm Scott will be there as should Camille and me and many others.

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