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Rally Aug 4, Lies, Lies and More Lies - Adams/Banks School Chaos Makes us wish for DeBlasio - DNYC DOE Budget Cut Fight Back - Rallies, Surveys

when Mayor Adams promised to “fully fund” Fair Student Funding, fingers crossed behind his back, he knew he could save money by decreasing FSF’s per-student allocations by assuming an across-the-board average teacher salary reduction, irrespective of a school’s actual payroll.... Banks’ idea of adding volunteer members from the PEP and community is a scam unworthy of someone committed to real change.... David Bloomfield, Gotham Gazette
There seems to just be utter chaos everywhere  in the NYCDOE --- the real change Banks and Adams want is to weaken the public schools and union and open the door for more charters. 

With every day and every crisis, the Adams/Banks team demonstrates it's not ready for prime time - nor will it ever be. Even insiders at the UFT say this is worse than de Blasio. And that takes some doing. Even the judge in the lawsuit seems to be laughing at them - and he's the same judge on our mulgrewcare suit.

Eterno writes: ICEUFT Blog
CITY LOSES APPEAL TO HALT TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER STOPPING BUDGET CUTS; DOE TELLS PRINCIPALS THEY ARE FREEZING SCHOOL BUDGETS (Update: DOE UNFREEZES SCHOOL BUDGETS) I never know where the incompetence ends and the bad faith starts with the city-Department of Education. You decide which is which

There's been a lot of info floating around and this is a summary on the budget cut story, some of the Adams/Banks shenanigans are mind-blowing.
  • Rally Thursday Aug. 4 at 9:30AM.
  • Latest updates on cuts and lawsuit - Talk Out of School with Daniel and Leonie.
  • Another update from Leonie on her blog.
  • DOENUTS blog reports on the lying numbers of lost students by DOE to "justify" cuts.
  • Take this survey by Solidarity Caucus - Survey
  • Bird dogging Adams
     The People's Plan NYC
     - follow Adams wherever he goes.
  • Galaxy freeze fiasco - they seem really pushed to the edge to pull this stunt.
  • A public call to end fair school funding.

Over the past few weeks it's been hard to follow the bouncing ball - especially if you're at the beach with a beach ball. It's hard to get me out of Rockaway in the summer, but I'm pissed off enough to go into the city on Aug. 4.

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City strikes out in legal pleadings over budget cuts so far; freezes budgets & then unfreezes them; while at least 700 teachers let go

Confused about latest developments in budget cuts lawsuit & NYC's failed attempts to sow chaos to end the court's temporary restraining order?

& How the 700 teachers who've been let go by their schools may NOT lead to savings, contrary to DOE claims.


New "Lost Student" Number Cited by NYPost: Only 73,000

Yesterday, I wrote about a New York City parent who discovered that City Hall and the DOE greatly overstated the actual drop in enrolled students in city schools. In short, City Hall and the DOE wanted to cut school budgets so much next year that they pretended the city had lost 760,000 children when, in fact, they had not. 

Almost everyone in the press allowed them to share this mistruth with little or no fact checking. 


Today,  The NY Post published an article about how the DOE is now fighting for the budget cuts they want so much (the ones that will hurt children and school staff next year) by appealling a court order blocking the cuts. 

As part of the story, Post reporter Cayla Bamberger cited just 73,000 as the accurate number of students the city has lost since the start of the pandemic

A journalist didn't even bother using NYCDOE's data. She used IBO data instead. The numbers the IBO published are more than ten times lower than the number the mayor and the chancellor say.

the mayor and chancellor are cutting the DOE budget by just 1% overall but all of those cuts, (totalling $312-$375 million) are coming only from school budgets. No cuts to Tweed. No cuts to supes. No cuts to central. Only cuts to schools. 

Talk Out of School
Listen to podcast of my interviews on #TalkOutofSchool on w/ those involved in the lawsuit against the budget cuts. Get the #411 from and Tamara Tucker. It’s 🔥

The Lawsuit Against the NYC School Budget Cuts Explained

JULY 30TH, 2022 | 58:08 | E102


Daniel facilitated a conversation about the current lawsuit against the NYC school budget cuts for the school year 2022-23, with Leonie Haimson, co-host and Executive Director of Class Size Matters, along with the lawyer for the case from Advocates for Justice, Laura Barbieri, parent plaintiff, Tamara Tucker, and teacher plaintiff Paul Trust. And, he spoke with lawsuit supporter, NeQuan Mclean, CEC District 16 President.

Bird dogging Adams
The People's Plan NYC
BREAKING: Parents & school social workers confronted @NYCMayor Adams once again about $469M-1B in school and education budget cuts. Eric says he "heard" them but will he actually #RestoreTheCuts NOW? School starts in a few weeks & principals have days to finalize school budgets.

Galaxy fiasco
The DOE just froze Galaxy, the system principals use to spend $$, citing the temporary restraining order. "We know this is extremely inconvenient...but at the direction of legal counsel, access to Galaxy is unavailable at this time," DOE COO Emma Vadehra wrote to principal.

BREAKING: A spokesperson for Mayor Adams now tells me the DOE’s online budgeting application will be back up and running for school principals tomorrow 

 So what changed? The city’s legal interpretation of the TRO or their realization that this attempt to steamroll the court &/or public opinion had backfired?
Replying to and
Guess who lost in the game of chicken?

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