Tuesday, August 9, 2022

My Take on Pelosi Taiwan Visit - Not just an ego thing but reps the warhawks - Plus Pink Floyd Roger Waters with an alt view

Do you believe that Biden tried to stop Pelosi from going and she just didn't listen? Let me find that bridge I'm going to sell you. I watched Richard Haas, the war hawk head of the Council on Foreign Relations this morning on Morning Joe and of course he blamed China - they had this planned all along and were just waiting for an excuse. 
Corp Dem media are making a ridiculous comparison to Gingrich visiting 20 years ago when he was irrelevant and from a different party than the President. 

I don't trust the hawks. They purposely wanted to do this to embarrass Xi Jinping to punish him for his support for Russia. And also to keep fomenting divisions with China to push the new cold war --- there are always people who make money on conflict. Peace is not profitable.

Now I am not a China/Russia apologist. They can be as imperialistic as we are. There are certainly reasons to never trust American intentions. It's worth listening to those points of view though.

One place to hear that pov is the Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters interview with neo-liberal Michael Smerconish. He puts full blame on US --- a classic view from a strong segment of the left. I don't agree but do agree that some major points are being made. Like if China put missiles on the Mexican border - would we be paranoid? You bet.
Waters raises the invasion of Iraq and asks who has China invaded lately?

Roger Waters Uncut. The full interview with Michael Smerconish recorded in Philadelphia, PA - 8/4/22

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