Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Need a hellfire missile to load on your car roof? Try Ukraine black market where 70% of the arms we give them are unaccounted for

Krystal and Saagar give viewers a rundown of CBS News editing a documentary that reported on arms proliferation in Ukraine and the concerns about weapons ending up in the wrong hands 
Now that the Supreme Court has given us the right to carry weapons in NY I want my own hellfire missiles to put on the roof of my car I know exactly where I can get them.
More than 100,000 Hellfire missiles have been sold to the U.S. and other countries, according to Ryan Brobst, an analyst at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a Washington think tank. “It can do enough damage to destroy most targets such as vehicles and buildings while not doing enough damage to level city blocks and cause significant civilian casualties... Unlike other models of the Hellfire, the R9X doesn’t carry an explosive payload. Instead, it has a series of six rotating blades that emerge on its final approach to a target, Kitchen said. “One of their utilities is in opening up vehicles and other obstructions to get to the target without having to use an explosive warhead,” he said. -https://ktar.com/story/5180330/explainer-a-look-at-the-missile-that-killed-al-qaida-leader/
Ooooh, I want that R9X to get traffic blocking me out of the way. Ya think some of the billions in arms we are sending -- no how to pay for complaints from Manchin or Sinema or Republicans or center Dems.

An issue the mainstream press doesn't want to address -- how much of the billions and billions we give to the military industrial complex to make arms for Ukraine actually reaches the people doing the fighting? And when the media actually does a story, Ukraine and our defense dept gets the story suppressed. 
[Added item: for a different take - thanks to Jonathan-

This must see August 8 Breaking Points video with Krystal and Saagar tells us about the CBS report that reported only 30% of the arms we send are accounted for - then disappeared from the web.

 They point out previous bad lessons -- how about arming the Taliban and Bin Laden in the 80s to battle Russia in Afganistan? Anyone for Syria, Lybia, the Iraq fiasco? These are branded as failures but in reality they are all successes - for the military industrial complex.

And also a note -- remember the inflation of the 70s? I rushed to by a house as interest rates and housing prices rose daily --- an article in the NYT over the weekend actually pinned some blame on Lyndon Johnson got his war of guns and also butter for social programs concurrently.

While you have some time also check out their story on How Sinema bailed out private equity billionaires. https://youtu.be/QFkI4KiLNcQ

GOP Hypocrites BLOCK Insulin Cap They Claim To Support


 A segment on the Pelosi trip and the dangers ensuing - https://youtu.be/XPjBa8-_V6c

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