Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Teacher Shortage Helps Right wing degrade ed requirements like charter schools do - Teacher Cert Programs Will Die a slow - or fast- death

Some may be deluded into thinking society as a whole laments a teacher shortage but in reality it offers a golden opportunity for the right. I saw on the news about major shortages in Florida. Do you think DeSantis cares? In fact he loves it. Bring immigrant people from abroad from "safe" places -- The Philippines seems to have the right stuff for them. Then there are the military people. 

Remember the Bloomberg years --- attempts to undermine experience and qualifications. They don't want people who will push back or even know anything. Tell them there never was slavery and they will be OK. Climate change? Ha. 

The goal is to turn teachers into cheap labor and the less training required the more people available and they don't have to pay as much. Increase the supply and decrease the demand. A key is to get rid of union influence -- the answer is to use the bogus choice issue to create alt non-union schools to public schools. 

Calls for Teacher Quality are bogus -- "quality" = less experience, non-union and cheaper. The choice of Weisberg exposes the plan.

James Eterno wrote:

He has tapped Dan Weisberg — who runs an organization focused on teacher quality and handled labor issues under Mayor Michael Bloomberg — to be his top deputy. That move is likely to raise eyebrows with the city’s teachers union, which has previously clashed with Weisberg...Blogger Gary Rubenstein has it right on what we are up against. Gary's blog post is called, The Tip of the Weisberg.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

And so that seems to be coming to pass.

To stay in their profession, said a union leader, educators need "professional respect" including fair pay and the right "to make teaching and learning decisions for their students."

‘Five-Alarm Crisis’: Us Has Shortage of 300K Teachers, School Staff

The Adams admin is lined up with the anti-public ed crowd. James closed that Dec 2021 article with:

We should be organizing and mobilizing our members and allies to take away the mayor's power over public schools which sunsets in Albany next June and has to be renewed by the State Legislature and Governor to continue. Are we going to start hearing again how busting teacher unions is the civil rights issue of our time? We could very easily end up steamrolled by Adams who on education looks to be planning a fourth Bloomberg term. 

Good luck with that. The so-called budget crisis is a spear point.

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