Saturday, February 17, 2007

When a Rose is Not a Rose

I've put up articles posted by Leonie Haimson related to Joel Rose's scams, Edison and Christopher Cerf on the Norm's Notes archive blog. Note how the NY Times has the least consequential article buried in the Metro briefing. Is there any institution in this city that has its nose buried more up Bloomberg's butt than the NY Times? Next they'll be printing articles about how Bloomberg's enemies have weapons of mass destruction. Oh! They've been there, done that already. Where's Judith Miller when they need her?

Coming soon:
My account of the Manhattan Institute luncheon at the University Club (which didn't admit women until 1987) featuring Christopher Cerf and the corporate ed-speak nonsense he spouts. Just about any NYC teacher can challenge this guy to a debate and whip his ass. I am issuing an official Education Notes challenge to the Manhattan Institute to set up a true dialogue with Cerf or anyone else they choose to debate key educational policy issues someone like Leonie Haimson, myself or any number of capable people I can think of to defend public education.
Hey guys, no guts, no glory.

Cerf preparing for the debate. His ideas are even fuzzier than he is.

Note to Unity clones:

Don't even suggest Randi Weingarten to defend our side. I've seen her on panels with these characters and all I can say is - weak weak weak!
But just watch the Manhattan Institute take up the challenge and chose Weingarten to debate Cerf. They know an easy mark when they see one.

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  1. Like Chris Cerf, Joel Rose is eminently qualified to serve as an education expert in the BloomKlein- EdKnowledgeNein era
    from the Miami Law School Alumni page
    From University of Miami Law School Site:
    (I guess the prestigious Miami Law School taught him how to "navigate compliance issues")
    "Since graduating from the University of Miami School of Law in 1998, Joel Rose has worked for Edison Schools, Inc., the largest private provider of education in the country. Headed by Benno Schmidt, former president of Yale University, Edison operates partnerships with school districts to manage public and charter schools as well as summer and after school programs. "I first heard about the Edison Project when I was in law school. In 1995, they had four schools that they were managing and when I started there in 1998, we had partnerships with sixteen schools. We now service more than 132,000 public school students in over twenty states." Over the past six years, Joel has seen his role and responsibilities grow extensively at the rapidly expanding company. Edison initially hired Joel as associate general counsel, but after two years of negotiating management agreements and dealing with compliance issues, Joel was promoted to the position of Vice-President of Revenue and for the past year he has served as the Vice-President of Supplemental Education Services. Joel graduated cum laude from Tufts University with a degree in political science in 1992. From 1992 until he started law school in 1995, Joel worked for Teach for America. As a corps member for Teach for America, Joel taught fifth-graders at an elementary school in Houston, Texas. While working for Teach for America, he decided to apply to law school because he had become interested in the legal underpinnings and issues of the American educational system Joel interned for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Miami after his first year of law school and the following summer, he was a summer associate at Davis Polk & Wardell in New York City. Deciding that a career at a big firm was not for him, Joel looked elsewhere and was very excited to find the position at Edison. "I felt the faculty at UM did a great job of preparing me for my legal and non-legal careers. While I don't read cases or argue in court, I still use my legal skills, particularly my problem solving skills, on a daily basis in the non-legal world." Last summer Joel was married to Doris Cooper, a book editor with Simon & Schuster. "My wife and I just figured out how to make a tennis court reservation in Central Park and my legal background was extremely useful in navigating through their rules and regulations!"


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