Friday, February 23, 2007

An Administrator in Every Pot

IN Every PoT (INEPT), a new program being implemented by the DOE, promises to put an administrator in every classroom.

The INEPT program will guarantee teachers will be monitored constantly. “Clearly, the problem with our school system lies with a lack of supervision over an inadequate teaching staff,” said a DOE spokesperson.

“Our goal is to have a supervisor/ teacher ratio of one-to-one. No teaching experience will be required for a job as an administrator. We actually prefer to recruit people from the business community. Our experience with Chancellor Klein has shown that people with no clue about education and a great PR staff can fake it enough to make it look like they know what they are doing. Better yet, they don't carry the baggage of having taught, an experience which might engender sympathy for teachers and children and interfere with our business approach to education.”

The DOE is claiming such success for this program, NASA is adapting it and will henceforth hire people from the Agriculture Department to build the next generation of shuttles.
—N. Scott


  1. So, that's what they're going to do with all those LIS's and other newly unemployed folks from the Region?

    I've only met three administrators who could teach in my 14 years of teaching.

  2. I must admit that this is a really brilliant piece of satire and, unfortunately, totally on target.

  3. Someone put a gun to your head to make you admit it? Must be from a reluctant Unity clonehead.

  4. The only person who could write far far better satire than the one above is redhog.


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