Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Arthur Goldstein, ICE-TJC Candidate for Exec. Bd. At-large Speaks About the Election



  1. Is this the same guy who edits, screens, and censors material from his "award-winning" blog that he doesn't agree with or from people he has a bug up his butt about?

  2. If it is, sort of like Edwize or other blogs that remove links to groups like the ICE blog because they don't like the tone of the comments.

  3. The NYC Educator blog is listed on the Edwize blogroll. Goldstein deliberately does what he condemns others for allegedly doing. There's a word to describe that type of person.
    By the way, his video doesn't seem to be getting much traction: you and me and that's it.

  4. And what word do we use for someone who attacks an entire ICE repeatedly based on nothing? And redbaits too.
    And it's interesting that you keep track of who is watching what. I bet if a certain party of the 3rd part actually advertized the video, numerous people would check it out.


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