Wednesday, February 7, 2007

From: Cerf Chris

Note: Cerf will be holding a talent search, tap dancing included. Isn't amazing that they all need a chief of staff. Anyone been near a classroom?

From: Cerf Chris
Sent: Mon 1/29/07 5:53 PM
To: &All Central HQ
Subject: Departmental Announcements

Dear Colleagues:

Over the last two weeks, I have been fortunate to begin to learn more about the impressive talent and expertise that resides within our human resources department and the exciting initiatives that are underway. I am looking forward to working with the leadership of the organization, including the Directors of our Centers of Excellence, to continue to develop our strategy related to "human capital" as well as to build the most service-oriented, customer-centric, principal-focused organization possible.

While there is certainly a great deal still for me to learn, I did want to make you all aware of a few staffing changes, some of which you may already know about.

Elizabeth Arons will be serving as a Senior HR Policy advisor. Betsy will be supporting critical initiatives on teacher quality. Previously, Betsy served as the CEO of Human Resources.

Larry Becker will be serving as the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Human Resources. Previously, Larry served as the Chief Operating Officer of DHR.

Doug Jaffe will be serving as the Director of Restructuring, Human Capital. In this role, he will be responsible for coordinating all HR-related issues pertaining to organizational restructuring. He will also continue in his critical role supporting the strategic direction and implementation of Project Home Run.

Amy McIntosh will be serving as Chief Talent Officer. In this role, she will work across the DOE to shape a comprehensive strategy and lead key initiatives for recruiting, induction, ongoing development and performance management for talent at all levels of our organization: teachers, principals, leadership.

Most recently, Amy was Executive Director of the NYC Partnership for Teacher Excellence, an initiative linking the DOE with NYU and CUNY to create a new model for preparation of shortage area teachers. She will continue to oversee this important work which will now be directed by Audra Watson, reporting to Amy.

Joel Rose will be serving as my Chief of Staff. Previously, Joel served as a strategic consultant at the Fund for Public Schools where he coordinated the opening of school, supported last year's expansion of Empowerment Schools, and helped to launch several accountability-related initiatives.

Antoinette Kulig will be serving as our team's administrative assistant. Previously, Antoinette supported Michele Cahill's team and has also served as the administrative assistant to two previous NYC Chancellors.

Dan Weisberg will continue to serve as Executive Director, Labor Policy. Dan has done a masterful job guiding our organization through the negotiation and implementation of our collective bargaining agreements. I am looking forward to ensuring his work is effectively integrated into the larger organization.

I am also looking forward to working with Sandra Stein and the staff of the NYC Leadership Academy so that, together, we can ensure that their work is effectively aligned with our overall human capital strategy.

Chris Cerf


  1. Sounds like an Academy Awards speech. But when NYC residents were permitted to vote on Mr. Cerf, they didn't like him, they really didn't like him.

    Good thing for him Mayor Mike doesn't go in for any of that democracy nonsense.

  2. Just received from Leonie Haimson's listserve:

    Tim Johnson was masterful today at CPAC, grilling Chris Cerf about his interest in Edison – until Cerf really lost his cool.

    Though Cerf insisted he had no financial interest in the company, it turns out that he just sold his Edison stock yesterday – when he saw that the CPAC agenda listed him as speaking about privatization and Edison.

    It also appears that he was never asked to sell his stock by Klein, and went for months being paid as a Tweed consultant while Edison had a contract w/ DOE, though this was never cleared through the Conflict of Interest Board.

    Sometimes one’s imagination pales at the tone deafness of this administration.

    Leonie Haimson


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