Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gene Prisco on Mayoral Control

See Gene's video.

Gene Prisco was a teacher for 33 years, a member of the local school board in Staten Island for five years and has been a community activist for many years.

In 1998, he ran for Congress as the Democratic nominee against right-winger Vito Fossella. Fossella had a near zero rating from the AFL-CIO.

Because Gene has been outspoken on issues within the UFT over many years, the UFT refused to support him.

Fossella has supported all of Bush's policies and has been one of the most anti-labor members of Congress.

Lack of support for Gene typifies what is wrong with the UFT's political strategy through COPE that often results in supporting enemies of teachers while denying support for friends of teachers.

Gene is running for one of the UFT Executive Board At-Large positions in the UFT elections.

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